• If you are seeing this, I finally launched v37!
  • Full travel benefits kicked in for work, so all the planes


April seemed to fly by! It started off with finally getting my full flight benefits which allowed me to spend even more time at the airport. I headed down to San Diego for brunch, farmers markets, boats, and cake for a day. Also, it was time for the annual family trip to the Long Beach Grand Prix. Outside of travel, it was a month full of spring cleaning and starting new work projects.


With the launch of v37, I finally took the time to transition my site away from a bulky Laravel instance and took the time to learn something new. This new site is built on Astro, a Typescript framework that has allowed me to simplify the site. No more databases, very little server-side code, and an easy way to update my journal with markdown files. The first update just brings over everything from the old site, but look for more changes soon!

Evening glow over the Wasatch range while landing in SLC

Evening landing in SLC