Brand + Website + Products
A mishmash of all of my projects and ideas I've had over the years. We do everything from design to coffee roasting to clothing. We help make cool stuff, help other people make cool stuff, and tell people about cool stuff. The company formerly known as Andrew Murray LLC and formerly-formerly known as Lunarnoon way back in 2003!
Development + Design
After many years of people asking "But what do you do in the summer?" after starting OpenSnow, OpenSummit was finally the answer. First started as a summit forecasting service for 14ers in Colorado, it now has expanded to detailed forecasts for most location important to your outdoor activities around the United States.
Development + Design
The company I co-founded in 2011, my CTO role involved making sure all of the gears keep turning to provide snow forecasts for ski areas all over North America. Whether it was making sure our websites were up, the model forecasts were being generated, our apps worked on the newest cell phones, or testing our product on the slopes... it never was a boring day!
Make Cooperative
Brand + Operations
The only coworking space in Minnesota incoroporated as a cooperative. All the perks of a coworking space with the added benefit of community ownership. When I'm was not giving tours to random people or making sure our bills were being paid on-time, you could find me paining or building a wall with our members.
Chance of Weather
Development + Design
As a testbed for other automated weather forecast generation, Chance of Weather was a side project to figure out how to best forecast weather for various outdoor events. Additionally, Chance of Weather provided contracted meteorologial services for outdoor events, such as bike races and summit attempts. We shut it down to put our full effort into growing OpenSnow.
Boulder Couch Crash
Started within the Couchsurfing community, a couch crash is where a city's community plans a weekend of events and activities, and invites to world to come visit. The Boulder Couch Crash was run for two years and had visitors from over 30 states and a 11 countries. As an organizer, I was responsible for organizing and marketing the events, and the day-to-day operation of the events.
The largest project I was a co-creator on while working at the National Weather Service. InteractiveNWS was the precursor to the broadcast emergency alerts that are standard on all cell phones now and still supports emergency managers around the country. This project won me the NOAA Administrators Award in 2010.
Utah Ski Weather
Utah Ski Weather is the first web project that I designed and build that still exists today. It was a project built in cooperation with the University of Utah and the graduate students of the Meteorology Department to forecast snowfall for ski areas in Northern Utah. Who would have though that a decade later I would be doing the same thing for my full-time job...