Meteorologist. Developer. Photographer. Traveler. Penguin lover. Ice cream connoisseur.

Hello! I'm Andrew Murray.

I'm a human-being living in Minneapolis, Minnesota by way of Boulder, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah.

I am the technical founder and meteorologist at OpenSnow and a managing partner at Bugtree.

Not being busy enough, I also am chair of the City of Minneapolis Community Environmental Advisory Commission and on the Board for Private Sector Meteorologists of the American Meteorological Society. Unofficially, I love covering rocket launches on social media for NASA.

Previously I've been the founding director of MAKE Cooperative, a developer at National Center for Atmospheric Research, and the mobile and geospatial program manager for the National Weather Service. Also, I spent a lot of time working at libraries and ice cream shops.

Academically, I have a BS in Meteorology from the University of Utah and worked towards a MPA/MURP in Environmental Law and Public Policy at the University of the West of England in Bristol and University of Colorado—Denver.

Usually you can find me traveling, eating ice cream, cuddling with penguins, snapping some photographs, and frolicking outdoors.

My primary day job involves making sure all of the gears keep turning to provide snow forecasts for ski areas all over North America. Whether is making sure our websites are up, the model forecasts are being generated, our apps work on the newest cell phones, or testing our product on the slopes... it's never a boring day!
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Doing everything from photography to design to housewares, we help make cool stuff, help other people make cool stuff, and tell people about cool stuff. The company formerly known as Andrew Murray LLC and formerly-formerly known as Lunarnoon, the holding company for all of my crazy ideas.
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MAKE Cooperative
The only coworking space in Minnesota incorporated as a cooperative. All the perks of a coworking space with the added benefit of community ownership. When I'm not giving tours to random people or making sure our bills are being paid on-time, I'm paining or building a wall with our members.
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Light Roast Media
Designed the branding and website for a start-up public relations and media company located in the Twin Cities. Worked alongside their Chief Coffee Officer to create a brand that both emboldened their personality, but also came across as a professional firm that could handle any company's, big or small, media and communication needs.
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Elias Murray Photography
Worked with my little brother, Elias, to develop a cohesive print and web presence for his photography business based in Montebello, California. Delivered a complete branding guide to help him grow his identity as a nature photographer around the Southern California area. Additionally helped with printed materials to distribute at Montebello Artist Corner monthly.
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Chance of Weather
As a testbed for other automated weather forecast generation, Chance of Weather was a side project to figure out how to best forecast weather for various outdoor events. Additionally, Chance of Weather provided contracted meteorological services for outdoor events, such as bike races and summit attempts.
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Rocky Mountain Soccer
A small project for one of my favourite places in Boulder, I worked with them to help create an e-commerece solution as a supplier of kits and equipment for the local youth soccer league. However,when I wasn't working with them, you usually could find me camped out there in front of the TV watching 'proper football', eating an ice cream cone, and working on another project.
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Boulder Couch Crash
Started within the Couchsurfing community, a couch crash is where a city's community plans a weekend of events and activities, and invites to world to come visit. The Boulder Couch Crash was run for two years and had visitors from over 30 states and a 11 countries. As an organizer, I was responsible for organizing and marketing the events, and the day-to-day operation of the events.
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National Weather Service
There were two large projects I worked on at NWS. Firstly I helped create interactiveNWS, the precursor to the broadcast emergency alerts that are standard on all cell phones now. This project won me the NOAA Administrators Award in 2010. Secondly, I worked on Western Water Supply a tool for water managers to better understand the seasonal streamflow forecasts in the western United States.
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University of Utah
One of my favorite things I ever did in college, I was appointed to the Executive Cabinet of the University of Utah student government. As the director of technology I was responsible for all of the digital and print materials created for events and activities put on by ASUU. It also gave me access to the university's Board of Regents and President. And some money off tuition.
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Utah Ski Weather
My first real web project that still exists today, Utah Ski Weather was a project built in cooperation with the University of Utah and the graduate students of the Meteorology Department to forecast snowfall for ski areas in Northern Utah. Who would have though that a decade later I would be doing the same thing for my full-time job...
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12 years and 8 months ago I created the “Andrew Travel Rule” which said I would attempt to travel once a month, every month.

Since then I've gone on 175 different trips around the United States and the rest of the world!

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Salt Lake City, Utah
6-11 February 2018
Much needed ski adventure to SLC!
Denver, Colorado
25-30 January 2018
Crazy January continues with a trip to the OR x Snow Show in Denver and some bluebird skiing the following week.
Austin, Texas
5-10 January 2018
Annual get drunk and talk about weather with my closest meteorologist friends trip!
Italy and Frankfurt
25 December 2017 - 1 January 2018
Another Christmas spent in Europe visiting Rome and Florence, before spending New Years in Frankfurt.
Seattle, Washington
8-11 December 2017
Headed to Seattle for the weekend to help volunteer at the first annual PodCon, and see all of the VidCon friends!
Evergreen, Colorado
1-3 December 2017
Quick trip home to see the family since it had been awhile since I was back in Colorado.
Chicago, Illinois
1 December 2017
My shortest trip of all time, with only 8 hours in Chicago for a meeting and some quick touristing.
Las Vegas, Nevada
21-25 November 2017
The now annual holiday trip for some fun in the sun in Vegas for Turkeygiving.
Portland, Oregon
3-5 November 2017
Quick trip to Portland for a wedding, brunch, and some s'mores beer.
Austin, Texas
19-23 October 2017
Annual tradition of tex-mex, BBQ, and Formula 1.
Los Angeles, California
14-16 October 2017
A quick weekend to visit my little brother and cheer on MNUFC.
Evergreen, Colorado
2-5 September 2017
Back home for my childhood friend's wedding in the mountains.
14-25 August 2017
Another August spent wandering around Europe, this time Amsterdam, Barcelona, and the French Riviera.
Evergreen, Colorado
7-12 July 2017
Another relaxing trip to Colorado, turned work trip to hire an employee for OpenSnow.
Snowbird, Utah
25 June - 1 July 2017
Annual trip to Snowbird to sit in the mountains and have some much needed summer R&R.
Anaheim, California
20-25 June 2017
Time for the 8th annual VidCon full of hugging friends and avoiding screaming fan girls.
Portland, Oregon
27-29 May 2017
A long weekend away for beer and coffee in the toasty Pacific Northwest.
Boulder, Colorado
15-19 May 2017
The annual May trip back to Boulder for Startup Week full of hugs and beer!
Fargo, North Dakota
5-7 May 2017
Drove further north for garden parties and beer in North Dakota.
Orlando, Florida
17-19 April 2017
Quick trip to Florida to visit a friend and run around Disney for 48 hours!
Ireland & Scotland
25 March-2 April 2017
Spring break spend in the sun drinking and eating through Dublin and Glasgow.
Boston, Massachusetts
24-27 February 2017
First time every in Boston volunteering at NerdCon.
New York, New York
17-20 February 2017
Another weekend getaway to New York for lots of food and shopping.
Denver, Colorado
27-31 January 2017
Another January, another SIA full of happy hours and ski gear.
Seattle, Washington
21-25 January 2017
Another year, another meteorology conference!
San Francisco, California
13-16 January 2017
Quick weekend away to SF and Napa Valley for drinks and catching up with friends.
Salt Lake City, Utah
23-28 December 2016
Adventure out to Utah to celebrate the holiday with the family and some awesome powder skiing!
Los Angeles & Las Vegas
22-27 November 2016
Mexican food and beaches for Turkeygiving in LA before closing out the holiday weekend in Vegas!
North Shore, Minnesota
28-30 October 2016
Quick weekend getaway up north for some much needed outdoors time.
Austin, Texas
20-24 October 2016
Celebrating my father's retirement with a lot of beer, BBQ, and F1.
Evergreen, Colorado
30 September-2 October 2016
Celebrating many things with the family, and lots and lots of beer.
Salt Lake City, Utah
3-5 September 2016
Quick adventure to SLC for a wedding, hiking, and some ice cream.
Central Europe
3-25 August 2016
A month adventuring through central Europe hitting 9 different countries on a rail card.
North Shore, Minnesota
17-19 July 2016
Much needed escape to camp along the North Shore of Lake Superior.
Evergreen, Colorado
3-6 July 2016
Last minute trip to Colorado for some R&R and work.
Snowbird, Utah
17-27 June 2016
Annual trip to Snowbird. And just happened to get married too!
Denver, Colorado
15-19 May 2016
Boulder Startup Week 2016 with some snow thrown in for good measure.
Los Cabos, Mexico
26 March - 1 April 2016
Some much needed R&R on the beach. And piña coladas.
Denver, Colorado
1-4 March 2016
Catching up with friends, work, and perfect skiing!
Salt Lake City, Utah
19-21 February 2016
Skiing and cupcakes!
Washington DC
12-14 February 2016
Spent Presidents Day with the presidents in freezing DC.
Denver, Colorado
27-29 January 2016
SIA beer drinking and adventuring!
New Orleans, Louisiana
9-14 January 2016
AMS in New Orleans. A rite of passage in the meteorologist world.
Las Vegas, Nevada
23-30 December 2015
Deserts and dresses and Christmas... oh my!
Denver, Colorado
4-6 December 2016
Celebrating Turkeygiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years... all at once!
Fargo, North Dakota
25-28 November 2015
Happy Turkeygiving from the not-so-frozen north!
Washington and British Columbia
14-17 October 2015
Mountains and islands and ferries, oh my!
Aspen, Colorado
25-27 September 2015
Joel's wedding, and some leaf peeping.
New York City, New York
15-17 August 2015
Last second trip to NYC to see the Book of Mormon and close out the summer!
Anaheim, California
22-26 July 2015
Here we go again! VidCon... year 6!
Salt Lake City, Utah
23-27 June 2015
Annual tradition of hiking Mount Baldy and getting sunburnt at a ski area.
11-23 June 2015
RV adventure around Central Alaska with the family.
Boulder, Colorado
11-14 May 2015
Colorado yet again, this time for Boulder Startup Week
Los Angeles and San Francisco
30 March - 6 April 2015
First road trip out west in a long time. Yosemite, Sequoia/Kings Canyon, and Pinnacles National Parks.
Chicago, Illinois
14-16 February 2015
Continued the tradition of traveling for President's/Love Day!
Denver, Colorado
30 January - 3 February 2015
Another trip to Colorado for SIA and to deliver computers
Fargo, North Dakota
16-18 January 2015
Random last minute trip for coffee and Christmas?!
Phoenix, Arizona
4-8 January 2015
Another great year hanging out with thousands of meteorologist somewhere warm!
Brussels and Paris
23-30 December 2014
Why not take a frolicking trip around Europe for Christmas and eat all of the foods!
Denver, Colorado
13-15 December 2014
Holy crap my little brother gradumicated college!
Palm Springs, California
17-19 October 2014
First last second getaway in awhile. Nothing like wandering around in the desert when it’s 95å¼ outside!
Estes Park, Colorado
12-14 October 2014
And finally, last wedding of the season!
Evergreen, Colorado
17-21 September 2014
Oh look! Another weeding, no way! Also, some work.
Salt Lake City, Utah
29 August - 1 September 2014
Another week, another wedding and frolicking about over Labor Day weekend!
Fargo, North Dakota
22-24 August 2014
Wedding and coffee in Fargo. With lots of bling.
Ecuador and Peru
9-25 July 2014
First adventure south of the equator!
Anaheim, California
25-29 June 2014
VidCon, round five.
Salt Lake City, Utah
21-24 June 2014
Another June week spend up in the mountains for some much needed R&R.
Fargo, North Dakota
6-8 June 2014
Erin had a bridal shower. I drank coffee.
Boulder, Colorado
14-16 May 2014
Quick adventure back home for Boulder Startup Week 2014!
Kennedy Space Center, Florida
13-15 April 2014
Attempt number two to see the SpaceX CRS-3 launch…. which once again didn’t happen.
Cancun, Mexico
23-27 March 2014
Much needed trip to get sunburnt in Mexico. And eat delicious food. And people watch.
Kennedy Space Center, FL
13-17 March 2014
A 4-day adventure in an (unsuccessful) attempt to see the SpaceX CRS-3 launch.
Washington DC
15-17 February 2014
The annual President’s Day weekend getaway headed this year… to the home of the presidents!
Atlanta, Georgia
1-6 February 2014
Geeking out with a bunch of weather geeks at AMS 2014! Which from here on out will be known as AMS Karaoke!
Tampa, Florida
25-27 January 2014
Headed down to Florida for a break from the snow and cold in Minnesota and to hug Kelsey.
Denver, Colorado
28 December 2013 - 1 January 2014
A few days of bed rest at home for New Years, with a rave thrown in for good measure.
Salt Lake City, Utah
23-28 December 2013
Christmas with little kids, including myself. And skiing.
Evergreen, Colorado
26-30 November 2013
Home to Colorado, again, to celebrate Turkeygiving and Hanukkah, which has gotten lost in November.
Austin, Texas
14-17 November 2013
Headed to Austin with my father to see the F1 USGP at the Circuit of the Americas, and sit in lots of traffic.
Denver, Colorado
5-7 November 2013
Quick week back home for Ignite Boulder and to see the hilarious Book of Mormon!
Denver, Colorado
28-30 October 2013
Last minute work meeting to Colorado Ð not sure if anyone noticed I was there.
Duluth, Minnesota
17-19 October 2013
Quick trip to the North Shore to relax for a long weekend
Denver, Colorado
24-27 September 2013
First 'business trip; back to Colorado. And beer, lots of beer.
Anaheim, California
1-4 August 2013
VidCon year four of crazy, epic, awesome times!
Houston, Texas
16-18 July 2013
An amazing time at #NASASocial meeting the Exp 37 crew, learning about staying fit in space, and you know, drinking with astronauts!
Minneapolis, Minnesota
9-11 July 2013
A crazy week of house hunting, Ikea visting, and all around fun in the Twin Cities.
Salt Lake City, Utah
27-30 June 2013
Headed to melty SLC to spend the weekend getting lost in the mountains and biking around drunk in the city.
New York, New York
10-12 May 2013
Quick trip over to the east coast to see friends in New Jersey and frolic around NYC.
Fargo, North Dakota
26-28 April 2013
Weekend long adventure to hug attack Erin while wandering around floody Fargo
Chicago, Illinois
19-21 April 2013
Wandering around the windy city, visiting friends, and standing 103 stories above the ground. Scary.
Phoenix, Arizona
5-7 April 2013
Headed to AZ to celebrate my cousin's wedding weekend.
Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington
23 February - 2 March 2013
Spring break adventure with Erin to the Pacific Northwest for a week of food, beer, and science museums.
Lake Tahoe and Reno
24-29 January 2013
Mid-winter ski and beer adventure to Tahoe-Reno to see friends, make friends, and shred some snow!
Austin, Texas
4-9 January 2013
Attended the always fun American Meteorological Society annual meeting (and parties).
San Francisco and Davis, California
8-9 December 2012
Crazy 1-night, 48-hour adventure in/out of Sacramento to visit friends in Davis and the Bay Area.
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado
30 November - 2 December 2012
Cabin weekend getaway with friends from Boulder!
Salt Lake City, Utah
3-5 November 2012
Went to SLC to see the Utes destroy Washington State and for Kris’s birthday party.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
18-21 October 2012
Headed to Minneapolis for fall break weekend for lots of food and beer around the city.
Fargo, North Dakota
22-24 September 2012
Adventured last minute to see Erin and spend the weekend relaxing and looking at the autumn colours in Minnesota.
United Kingdom, Switzerland, and France
12-26 August 2012
Year Three of my crazy antics in Europe for SitC in the UK, with stayovers in Cambridge, Oxford, London, UK, Basel and Lucerne, Switzerland, and Strasbourg, France.
Colorado Rockies Road Trip
25-27 July 2012
Road trip through the Colorado Rockies visiting Aspen, Glenwood Springs, and Vail.
Los Angeles
28 June-2 July 2012
Year three of crazy YouTube antics and sleepless nights, this year with a hint of Disney.
Salt Lake City, Utah
19-20 June 2012
Off to see my old neighbour and good friend get married during a crazy weekend!
St. Kitts and Nevis, and Sint Maarten/St Martin
9-17 June 2012
A weeklong holiday in the Caribbean for some much needed R&R with Erin!
Fargo, North Dakota
5-9 April 2012
Typical weekender web fare to Fargo to see Erin, have some drinks, walk some dogs, and have a relaxing weekend away.
Southwestern Road Trip
24 February - March 3 2012
Headed SW to do some camping in the desert southwest, drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, ski in the Sierras, and stop over in Vegas.
New Orleans, Louisiana
20-24 January 2012
Attended the American Meteorological society meeting in New Orleans… aka. drinking with a lot of weather geeks.
Colorado/Utah Road Trip
14-18 January 2012
Decided that I was too fidgety and headed over to central Utah to see my favourite “freshman” and then into the mountains to hit the slopes!
Las Vegas
1-3 December 2011
Got to see Ginie again for a little birthday celebration in Las Vegas on her trip around the United States!
Salt Lake City, Utah
29-31 October 2011
Another football game in SL,UT… this time the Blackout Game vs. Oregon State on Halloween weekend!
Lake Superior North Shore/Minneapolis
20-23 October 2011
Long weekend adventure during the fall colours to Minneapolis, Duluth and the north shore of Lake Superior to see Erin and enjoy the beautiful weather.
Salt Lake City, Utah
1-3 October 2011
Watching the Utah Utes v Washington Huskies for my first football game of the PAC-12 and 2011!
Fargo, North Dakota
9-14 September 2011
Sadly moving Erin back to Fargo for her new job.
Atlanta, Georgia
2-5 September 2011
Off to visit the south and see some awesome places with the infamous @glancz.
London, Berlin, Paris, Southern France, Spain
10-28 August 2011
In London for Summer in the City, a few days in Berlin for good measure, a stop in Paris for some sightseeing and some time in southern France with a stop over in northern Spain!
Los Angeles, California
28-31 July 2011
Headed to LA for VidCon for a weekend of awesome YouTube filled times!
Cape Canaveral, Florida
6-10 July 2011
Was invited to the #NASAtweetup for the last ever space shuttle launch STS-135!
Minneapolis, Minnesota
3-4 July 2011
What better than a random night spent wandering around another state.
San Francisco, California
9-11 May 2011
Going to Google I/O for a short 48 hour trip.
NorCal Road Trip
15-18 April 2011
What better way to see as many people as possible zig-zagging across NorCal.
Southwestern Road Trip
16-20 March 2011
Random wanderings camping on the PCH, getting stuck in blizzards in Tahoe, and drinking in Reno.
Chicago, Illinois
7-10 March 2011
Headed to Chicago for DrupalCon!
Portland, Oregon
18-20 February 2011
President’s Day Weekend get-away to the Pacific Northwest, round 3.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
January 2011
A blizzard in Boston, caused a shift in plans… a severe shift!
Salt Lake City, Utah
November 2010
#3 TCU v #6 Utah with a little ESPN thrown in for good taste.
Phoenix, Arizona
October 2010
Weekend with Erin and the family for my cousin’s wedding in the oven known as Arizona.
Washington DC
October 2010
Weeklong trip to accept my NOAA Administrator’s Award, attend the Rally to Restore Sanity and other DC wanderings.
Nashville, Tennessee
September 2010
Labor Day weekend trip to see an old friend at Vanderbilt University.
Salt Lake City, Utah
September 2010
First football game since I moved away!
Boulder, Colorado
August 2010
House hunting trip for the move!
Oregon Road Trip
June 2010
Denver, Colorado
May 2010
Grand Junction, Colorado
April 2010
New York City
April 2010
United Kingdom
March 2010
Portland, Oregon
February 2010
Albuquerque, New Mexico
January 2010
Evergreen, Colorado
November 2009
Northern California
October 2009
Washington DC
October 2009
San Francisco, California
September 2009
Fargo, North Dakota
July 2009
San Diego, California
July 2009
Evergreen, Colorado
June 2009
Caribbean Cruise
May 2009
May 2009
Evergreen, Colorado
May 2009
Disney World, Florida
March 2009
Wendover, Nevada
February 2009
Evergreen, Colorado
January 2009
Four Corners Road Trip
October 2008
Norman, Oklahoma
October 2008
Red Pine Lake Backpacking
September 2008
New Jersey
July 2008
Zion/Bryce National Park
May 2008
San Francisco, California
May 2008
Southwest Road Trip
March 2008
San Francisco, California
February 2008
Evergreen, Colorado
January 2008
Maui, Hawaii
December 2007
Pacific Northwest Road Trip
October 2007
Denver, Colorado
July 2007
SoCal Backpacking
March 2007
Evergreen, Colorado
January 2007
December 2006
Moab, Utah
October 2006
Craters of the Moon, Idaho
July 2006
Venice Beach, California
May 2006
Carlsbad, California
March 2006
Denver, Colorado
December 2005
Evergreen, Colorado
November 2005
Evergreen, Colorado
October 2005
Little Cottonwood Camping
September 2005
Salt Lake City, Utah
July 2005

Here are just a few things of my favorite things that I love and use almost every day — updated as the seasons and my opinions change.
Last updated November 2017
Mountain Hardware Superconductor Hooded Jacket
This is my go to warm jacket all winter long when I am not skiing. It's warm, water-resistant, super tough, and doesn't look half bad. It's the jacket I wear to the airport… and then usually most of the trip. Also lightweight enough to stuff into a bag when you land in southern France.
Patagonia Performance Straight Fit Jeans
Speaking of must haves, I have two pairs of these jeans because they are my favorite for wearing everyday (along with the Mountain Hardware Stretchstone Jeans). They look good and fit amazing — who says men's pants shouldn't have a little spandex. They go from the airport to the climbing gym to the bar, little washing needed.
Merrell Freewheeler Lace
I saw some random stranger wearing these at a brewery and when I tried them on for the first time it was love at first step. Seriously, they are amazingly comfortable, have a good grippy sole, and feel like they weigh an ounce when you are wearing them. They have quickly become dry weather travel shoe.
Sunski Headland
Firstly, I had been a Suncloud fan for a long time, but the quality of their mid-priced sunglasses has quickly degraded. I've always drooled over getting Rayban Wayfarers or Zeal Caddis, but as someone that loses (or sits) on them on a regular basis, I just can't convince myself to spend that kind of money. Enter Sunski. They are decently priced, decent quality, and good looking. Sold.
Timbuk2 Jet Pack
Trip under one week? This bag. I live out of this back. I love this bag. Can you tell I like this bag? It holds my laptop, electronics, notepad, and clothes for between 1 and 4 days perfectly. Perfectly. Also it's small enough that you will never be harassed by any gate agent because they are out of bin space or because the bin space costs money.
Osprey Porter 46
Occasionally I travel for more than a week, and for that I need a slightly larger bag. Enter my Porter 46. Yes, they sell larger version. If you are bringing that much crap, downsize or do laundry! One of the few travel packs with a decent laptop pocket, and all the zippers are in locations that you don't have to worry about every 5 seconds on a busy train.
Bumble and Bumble Sumotech
I am a guy that likes to do his hair. This is what I currently use to do my hair. Wasn't my first product and it won't be my last. It's not the cheapest, but it doesn't make me look like I got lost in the 90s. It doesn't smell funny. And the container is under 3.2oz so I can travel with it.
Beats Studio3 Wireless
I know headphones are a very personal thing, but these and my BeatsX travel everywhere with me. I know some people complain about the bass heavy Beats sound, but as an EDM fan, I don't find it overly apparent. Decent battery life. Comes with a cord to use on airplane TV screens. Noise cancelling for the coffeeshop and babies.

I am not paid to put any of these items on this list. However, the included links are affiliate links, so I get paid if you love them too.


Closing Up Shop


Art in a Field: The Franconia Sculpture Park


Penpal Project, Round III


Twin Cities Transit Dream


Artist-Designed Mini Golf at the Walker


High Altitude and Pisco Sours: Adventures in Ecuador and Peru

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