Snowing mountain scene with trees in foreground and the steep Wasatch mountains in the background

Hi there! I'm Andrew Murray

Meteorologist. Developer. Snow addict. Traveler. Photographer. Penguin lover. Ice cream connoisseur.

I have loved weather and the outdoors ever since I was five years old. This love started while growing up in the foothills of the Rockies in Colorado and then furthered while studying at the University of Utah at the foot of the Wasatch. From this love, I have now spent most of my life buried in the world of meteorology, entrepreneurship, and technology.

For the past decade, I was the technical founder and chief technology officer at OpenSnow, a company dedicated to providing weather forecasts and in-depth analysis for skiers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. On the side, I also manage a handful of projects under the Bugtree brand, ranging from contract software development work to coffee roasting. Prior to starting OpenSnow, I was a program manager at the National Weather Service and a developer for the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

When my head is not lost in the clouds or buried in snow, you can find me somewhere outdoors — hiking, skiing, or playing a number of sports. You also might find me on the other side of the planet on one of my frequent travels. In a window seat, of course.

Selfie of Andrew in a cozy hat and hoodie smiling A ridiculous photo of Andrew in a boat on a river holding a huge fish smiling

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