Meadow in the foreground with the Black Mountains of Montenergo in the background under a mostly clear sky and evening haze.

some monthly updates from me

December 2023

Winter is here and I wish it could snow a bit more. Beyond doing my snow dance, it’s been a month of travels to get through the holidays. Luckily the airports weren’t too crazy and managed to eat good food and see good people all month long. Quiet month overall, still settling into the work life still, and planning out some fun little side projects in 2024.

Golden gate bridge in SF in the distance from Fort Mason near downtown SF
View of the Golden Gaate bridge from SF

Small new update out for year 37 — shifting everything around and adding some more of my photos to the site. As I had mentioned above, some ideas planned, and we will see what comes in the new year. Also, need to find some fun things to do with my travel page with trip number 300 around the corner!

Snow covered deck and trees in the background looking over over snow covered backyards and mountains
More snow at home sweet home

November 2023

The seasons are finally starting to change here, and I am very excited for more snow on the way. On the personal side, I got a few more travels in during the month, and actually did Thanksgiving with the family for once. Otherwise, it was more settling into the working life again and busy figuring out my new surroundings at the airline.

Somewhat snow covered mountains up in the Wasatch with lingering fall colors
Winter arriving a bit late up at Snowbird
Wanderlust Weather

The big update for the past month is that all of Wanderlust is now free! Why do you ask? Well after spending a good portion of the late summer building it, in the end I am going to have less time to support the site since I ended up with a full job at Breeze instead. Since I still think it's a great tool, and use it myself, I decided to rip out all the upgrade parts and let everyone enjoy it.

Snow covered deck and trees in the background looking over over snow covered backyards and mountains
At least some snow back at home sweet home

More work happening behind the scenes on the redesign for year 37. Thinking of rolling out some more modest changes this year and focusing more on some of the projects I have in the back of my mind.

October 2023

Big changes this past month! I guess the biggest of all is that I am ending my temporary retirement. I am now the Associate Engineering Manager at Breeze Airways. I am super excited to take on the challenge of helping an engineering team at a start-up airline as they try to expand across the country. Not to mention switching from outdoor industry benefits to airline benefits doesn’t sound half bad.

Snow covered mountains of the Wastach with golden leaves of Aspens in the foreground
Autumn is passing by and my favorite season is almost here!
Wanderlust Weather

Lots of little updates to the app and website over the past month. Most of the changes have pushed everything to work better on mobile, especially since the app is mostly focused about being on the road. Another update was adding current conditions for both home locations and ongoing trips, in case you don’t want to have to look out the window.


As we start to inch towards the new year, the annual redesign of Asketchyfish and my personal design is starting to take place. Last month I started switching over to a more current photo of myself. I am missing the shark hat, but I had to find something new after a decade. Another thing I am looking into is if I want to start to retire the Asketchyfish brand. Still unsure about this as I have had it since the good old years of AIM and dial up internet in the late 90s. Regardless, lots of new fun things coming in the next few months.

September 2023

Another busy month of travel for me with lots and lots of family time before some big changes coming soon. Spent some times fishing and getting away to the mountains in Colorado with my parents, and then headed down to New Mexico for some time with my little brother. Very glad that the summer travel rush has finally subsided some.

River with the sunset reflecting off the water
Gone fishing on the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Wanderlust Weather

Finally got the first versions of the app out and started working on some new features. Excited to get more of the to-do list done in the coming months, but for now just excited that I have an app in the app store!

Other updates

Slowly but surely changing over my profile picture that I have been using for the last forever. Gone with the shark hat and in with the scruffy fancy me. I really do not like photos of me. Otherwise stay tuned for extremely exciting news next month!

View of a small cloud with rain from the window seat over a yellow, red plain
Late summer thunderstorms over New Mexico from my home sweet window seat

August 2023

After a quiet summer, August got into full swing with lots of little trips around the western United States and a hint of autumn in the air. Checked out some new places around Napa and Sonoma counties, headed down to Vegas to see an amazing visual show, and another trip back to see the family in Colorado. Looks like September is going to be just a busy travelwise too!

View of a glass of wine with a backdrop of a vineyard
Some much needed relaxation in Napa Valley
Wanderlust Weather

Lots of work behind the scenes being done on Wanderlust Weather since last month's update. First, the not-so-super-duper-secret is that I am working on an app for the project that will come out as soon as I can finish ironing out the last few bugs. However, if you want a sneak peak, send me an email and I will get you hooked up with the beta that you can help break! Otherwise, spent a lot more time on the job search this month and Wanderlust Weather didn't progress as much as I would have liked.

Site updates

After some feedback, I released a new version of my resume that I think looks and reads so much better!

View of Lake Mead with it's red rock from a window seat under mostly sunny skies
Headed to the melty, hot desert

July 2023

July was a quiet month for me, with travel costs at an all-time high (along with record high temperatures), it was a great time to get some projects done around the house and get some life sketched out.

Just some light Kindle reading on the patio in Salt Lake City
Backyard reading at home base SLC
Wanderlust Weather

Over the past month I've added some features I've always wanted from a weather app. Firstly, I added a Best Day score that helps you decided when to go do things. Hopefully over time this can become customizable, but for now it answers the question I get asked most as a meteorologist. Text message updates were also released this month for those that don't like checking their email. Finally, I started work on a native app for iOS (and hopefully not too far behind, Android) that will make using Wanderlust even easier! Lots of new features being added all the time, so check it out at

On the hunt still!

After announcing that I was starting to look for a job, its been quite the whirlwind since then. While I have interviewed at numerous places, but nothing has quite met all of my requirements yet. Once again, if you, or anyone else you know, is looking, please reach out to me or pass my name along!

June 2023

The last two months could be described as nothing short of chaotic, so sorry for the late update. The biggest news that came out of this time is that I am officially back on the market, in many ways. Additionally, there were a ton of travels to everywhere from Aruba, NYC, Southern Utah, and more!

Sunset on the beach in Aruba
Sunset on the beach in Aruba
I'm Available

After a few years to take a breath and put my feet up for a bit, I am finally back in the market for a job. While I spent the better part of June honing my resume and dipping my toes into the market, I am starting to beginning my search with earnest this month. If you are interested in chatting more with me about what I can do to help you, feel free to reach out!

Wanderlust Weather

Along with job searching, I finally am able to start working on a project I long have wanted to build. Wanderlust Weather is a weather forecast site, made just for world travelers. With time-limited home locations and forecasts sent to you just for when you are traveling, it's everything I wanted from a weather app, and hopefully some of you too. Lots of new features being added all the time, so check it out at

Waterfall amongst red rocks in Bryce Canyon NP
Waterfall in Bryce Canyon NP
Site Updates

Swapped out the resume for a prettier and shorter version than the CV that was there before. Also made sure I added all of the trips I took in the past few months, along with the new airport and country I managed to make it to.

April 2023

With the neverending winter came another month full of skiing that felt more like the middle of winter than the middle of spring! That, plus the annual family trip to LA for the month, kept me busy for most of the month. Also, the work on sneaky summer projects continues.

A view of the Wasatch mountains covered in snow from Snowbird ski resort
The Wasatch still looking like winter in April
Site Updates

Not many updates to the site this past month. Removed the link to my Mastodon instance because I found myself not updating it after the initial excitement over their waned.

March 2023

Headed over to France this month (and into the chaos) for a European ski adventure and, wow, the snow over there is just awful. Made worse by the fact that it just won't stop snowing back here in SLC. Also got a chance to finally attend Tomorrowland Winter after it being cancelled last minute in March 2020! Finally, started working on a few things behind the scenes which I will hopefully get to talk about more this coming summer.

A view of a the town of Alpe d'Huez with the Alps in the background under a blue sky
Bluebird in Alpe d'Huez
Site Updates

Big update to the travel page this month with the return of images for each of my trips! Adds a bit more color to the page, and adds another step for me when I need to add a trip, but worth it! Now working through adding photos to past trips, which is turning out to be quite difficult back in 2006.

February 2023

It's been a month of enjoying the first real winter in quite a few years! Loving all the snow and getting some amazing turns in all month long. Looking forward to spending some time skiing abroad in the coming month!

Snowbird at sunset
Snowbird at sunset

The biggest updates this month came on the Bugtree side of things. I worked on refactoring the custom store I designed for selling our goods and transitioned it over to a new name, Tart Mondays. Right now it is just hosting the Maybird Coffee business, but over the coming months a few new product ideas are lined up.

Snow in Napa Valley

January 2023

I am still in temporary retirement over in Salt Lake City for the next little while. With all of the free time, 2022 was a crazy year when it came to travel, especially with the world reopening more. I managed to visit 10 different countries this year, 6 of them for the first time. I also finally made it to Africa on a much delayed trip from 2020.

For the coming year, I have a lot of travel and skiing coming up as one of the best snowfall winters in over a decade is currrently upon us. Also starting to plan out some projects for the coming months as well. Here is to 2023!

A very cold day at Taos
Asketchyfish v36

Welcome to version 36. A new year, another year older for me, and another new version of my personal site. This version comes with the return of my journal and some long lost blog posts from years ago. Hopefully over the coming months I will have a chance to add more posts.

Also I added this new updates page to the site where I hope to keep a running list of changes made to this site and various other projects I am working on. My goal will be to update this log monthly, along with sending out a newsletter email around the same time.

Snow filled Glenwood Canyon