• Realized that I have yet to start working on the new version of Asketchyfish for v37, hopefully will get that worked on and out in March/April
  • Lots of work for Breeze getting ready for the Barclays credit card release


February arrived and it finally decided to start snowing in the mountains! I enjoyed the cold and snow with our usual trip up to Snowbird and family visiting. The month conclued in the middle of a trip to Switzerland for even more mountain time. Other than snow, I mostly spent the month stuck in lots of long meetings for work as we are nearing the final few weeks before we launch Breezeā€™s new credit card! Still so wild being at an airline, while it also being just a four year old startup too.

Looking up into Gad Valley in Little Cottonwood Canyon to a foggy mountainside

Snowy Gad Valley in Snowbird