Winter is here and I wish it could snow a bit more. Beyond doing my snow dance, it’s been a month of travels to get through the holidays. Luckily the airports weren’t too crazy and managed to eat good food and see good people all month long. Quiet month overall, still settling into the work life still, and planning out some fun little side projects in 2024.

Golden gate bridge in SF in the distance from Fort Mason near downtown SF

View of the Golden Gaate bridge from SF


Small new update out for year 37 — shifting everything around and adding some more of my photos to the site. As I had mentioned above, some ideas planned, and we will see what comes in the new year. Also, need to find some fun things to do with my travel page with trip number 300 around the corner!

Snow covered deck and trees in the background looking over over snow covered backyards and mountains

More snow at home sweet home