The seasons are finally starting to change here, and I am very excited for more snow on the way. On the personal side, I got a few more travels in during the month, and actually did Thanksgiving with the family for once. Otherwise, it was more settling into the working life again and busy figuring out my new surroundings at the airline.

Somewhat snow covered mountains up in the Wasatch with lingering fall colors

Winter arriving a bit late up at Snowbird

Wanderlust Weather

The big update for the past month is that all of Wanderlust is now free! Why do you ask? Well after spending a good portion of the late summer building it, in the end I am going to have less time to support the site since I ended up with a full job at Breeze instead. Since I still think it’s a great tool, and use it myself, I decided to rip out all the upgrade parts and let everyone enjoy it.

Snow covered deck and trees in the background looking over over snow covered backyards and mountains

At least some snow back at home sweet home


More work happening behind the scenes on the redesign for year 37. Thinking of rolling out some more modest changes this year and focusing more on some of the projects I have in the back of my mind.