Big changes this past month! I guess the biggest of all is that I am ending my temporary retirement. I am now the Associate Engineering Manager at Breeze Airways. I am super excited to take on the challenge of helping an engineering team at a start-up airline as they try to expand across the country. Not to mention switching from outdoor industry benefits to airline benefits doesn’t sound half bad.

Snow covered mountains of the Wastach with golden leaves of Aspens in the foreground

Autumn is passing by and my favorite season is almost here!

Wanderlust Weather

Lots of little updates to the app and website over the past month. Most of the changes have pushed everything to work better on mobile, especially since the app is mostly focused about being on the road. Another update was adding current conditions for both home locations and ongoing trips, in case you don’t want to have to look out the window.


As we start to inch towards the new year, the annual redesign of Asketchyfish and my personal design is starting to take place. Last month I started switching over to a more current photo of myself. I am missing the shark hat, but I had to find something new after a decade. Another thing I am looking into is if I want to start to retire the Asketchyfish brand. Still unsure about this as I have had it since the good old years of AIM and dial up internet in the late 90s. Regardless, lots of new fun things coming in the next few months.