Another busy month of travel for me with lots and lots of family time before some big changes coming soon. Spent some times fishing and getting away to the mountains in Colorado with my parents, and then headed down to New Mexico for some time with my little brother. Very glad that the summer travel rush has finally subsided some.

River with the sunset reflecting off the water

Gone fishing on the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Wanderlust Weather

Finally got the first versions of the app out and started working on some new features. Excited to get more of the to-do list done in the coming months, but for now just excited that I have an app in the app store!

Other updates

Slowly but surely changing over my profile picture that I have been using for the last forever. Gone with the shark hat and in with the scruffy fancy me. I really do not like photos of me. Otherwise stay tuned for extremely exciting news next month!

View of a small cloud with rain from the window seat over a yellow, red plain

Late summer thunderstorms over New Mexico from my home sweet window seat