After a quiet summer, August got into full swing with lots of little trips around the western United States and a hint of autumn in the air. Checked out some new places around Napa and Sonoma counties, headed down to Vegas to see an amazing visual show, and another trip back to see the family in Colorado. Looks like September is going to be just a busy travelwise too!

View of a glass of wine with a backdrop of a vineyard

Some much needed relaxation in Napa Valley

Wanderlust Weather

Lots of work behind the scenes being done on Wanderlust Weather since last month’s update. First, the not-so-super-duper-secret is that I am working on an app for the project that will come out as soon as I can finish ironing out the last few bugs. However, if you want a sneak peak, send me an email and I will get you hooked up with the beta that you can help break! Otherwise, spent a lot more time on the job search this month and Wanderlust Weather didn’t progress as much as I would have liked.

Site updates

After some feedback, I released a new version of my resume that I think looks and reads so much better!

View of Lake Mead with it's red rock from a window seat under mostly sunny skies

Headed to the melty, hot desert