July was a quiet month for me, with travel costs at an all-time high (along with record high temperatures), it was a great time to get some projects done around the house and get some life sketched out.

Just some light Kindle reading on the patio in Salt Lake City

Backyard reading at home base SLC

Wanderlust Weather

Over the past month I’ve added some features I’ve always wanted from a weather app. Firstly, I added a Best Day score that helps you decided when to go do things. Hopefully over time this can become customizable, but for now it answers the question I get asked most as a meteorologist. Text message updates were also released this month for those that don’t like checking their email. Finally, I started work on a native app for iOS (and hopefully not too far behind, Android) that will make using Wanderlust even easier! Lots of new features being added all the time, so check it out at wanderlustweather.com.

On the hunt still!

After announcing that I was starting to look for a job, its been quite the whirlwind since then. While I have interviewed at numerous places, but nothing has quite met all of my requirements yet. Once again, if you, or anyone else you know, is looking, please reach out to me or pass my name along!