The last two months could be described as nothing short of chaotic, so sorry for the late update. The biggest news that came out of this time is that I am officially back on the market, in many ways. Additionally, there were a ton of travels to everywhere from Aruba, NYC, Southern Utah, and more!

Sunset on the beach in Aruba

Sunset on the beach in Aruba

I’m Available

After a few years to take a breath and put my feet up for a bit, I am finally back in the market for a job. While I spent the better part of June honing my resume and dipping my toes into the market, I am starting to beginning my search with earnest this month. If you are interested in chatting more with me about what I can do to help you, feel free to reach out!

Wanderlust Weather

Along with job searching, I finally am able to start working on a project I long have wanted to build. Wanderlust Weather is a weather forecast site, made just for world travelers. With time-limited home locations and forecasts sent to you just for when you are traveling, it’s everything I wanted from a weather app, and hopefully some of you too. Lots of new features being added all the time, so check it out at

Waterfall amongst red rocks in Bryce Canyon NP

Waterfall in Bryce Canyon NP

Site Updates

Swapped out the resume for a prettier and shorter version than the CV that was there before. Also made sure I added all of the trips I took in the past few months, along with the new airport and country I managed to make it to.