I am still in temporary retirement over in Salt Lake City for the next little while. With all of the free time, 2022 was a crazy year when it came to travel, especially with the world reopening more. I managed to visit 10 different countries this year, 6 of them for the first time. I also finally made it to Africa on a much delayed trip from 2020.

For the coming year, I have a lot of travel and skiing coming up as one of the best snowfall winters in over a decade is currrently upon us. Also starting to plan out some projects for the coming months as well. Here is to 2023!

A very cold day at Taos

Asketchyfish v36

Welcome to version 36. A new year, another year older for me, and another new version of my personal site. This version comes with the return of my journal and some long lost blog posts from years ago. Hopefully over the coming months I will have a chance to add more posts.

Also I added this new updates page to the site where I hope to keep a running list of changes made to this site and various other projects I am working on. My goal will be to update this log monthly, along with sending out a newsletter email around the same time.

Snow filled Glenwood Canyon