Posted on Mon May 20 2013

Excuse me while I get public transit nerdy for a moment.

I love public transit. I love public transit so much, it’s the reason I went to get my Master’s degree in the United Kingdom a few years back.

Public transit also happens to be transforming massively in the Denver Metro Area over the past decade, especially with the onslaught of projects associated with FasTracks, the voter approved measure to expand the public transit options in the city.

Now, while there are the official transit expansion maps out there that include all of the projects that are going to happen, I decided to make my own hybrid map. One that has all of the existing infrastructure, the upcoming infrastructure, and a bit more. It looks a little like this…


Link to full resolution PDF.

I dropped the ‘bus route’ type drawing of lines that RTD currently uses, and instead created single route lines with transfer points. My map keeps with many of the planned routes for FasTracks, but I have added additional stops along some of the lines and added a whole new Southwest Line that would run down 285/Hampden. Also, I added the pie-in-the-sky solution to the I-70 traffic issues with a new LIFT train into the mountains.

Let me know what you think of the design. What other routes would you add in Denver? Feel free to share this around as well.