Posted on Tue Jan 07 2014

Right as 2013 came to a close I hit a milestone, my 100th trip since I started the Andrew Travel Rule. What is this rule you ask? It’s a goal I made my freshman year of college, that I would travel once a month, every month.

Now 8 years and 5 months later, I’ve hit the 100 trip mark, and there is no end in site. Just for fun, I thought I’d go through and breakdown where I’ve been and how’ve I gotten there.

Here is a couple nerdy charts I scraped together (if you want to make me an awesome infographic, I’ll send you the data):

Where I have Traveled

What Months I Traveled DuringTravel_Month

How Much I’ve Traveled Each YearTravel_Year

How I Have TraveledTravel_Type

If you want to see when and where I went certain places, there is a full list on my travel page.

Regardless of all of the places I have visited, it will be the memories that will stick with me forever. Things like…

Jack-in-the-box kids meal buckets
A police officer telling me “I don’t look homeless”
Having a 747 fifty feet above my head on a beach
Raving in a bomb raid shelter in Berlin
And the hundreds of thousands of other memories along the way.

Here’s to another hundred trips!