Meteorologist. Developer. Photographer.
Penguin lover. Avid traveler. Ice cream connoisseur.


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Hello! I'm Andrew Murray, a human-being living in Minneapolis, Minneapolis by way of Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah.

I am the technical founder and meteorologist at OpenSnow and a managing partner at Bugtree.

Not being busy enough, I also am vice-chair of the City of Minneapolis Citizens Envionmental Advisory Commission and sit on the Board for Private Sector Meteorologists of the American Meteorological Society. Unofficially, I love covering rocket launches on social media for NASA.

Before becoming an entrepenuer, I was a developer at National Center for Atmospheric Research and the mobile and geospatial program manager at the National Weather Service. Also, I spent a lot of time working at libraries and ice cream shops.

Academically, I have a BS in Meteorology from the University of Utah and worked towards an MPA/MURP in Environmental Law and Public Policy at the University of the West of England and University of Colorado—Denver.

Usually you can find me traveling, eating ice cream, cuddling with penguins, snapping some photographs, and frolicking outdoors.



Technical Founder and Meteorlogist
My primary day job involves making sure all of the gears keep turning to provide snow forecasts for ski areas all over North America. Whether is making sure our websites are up, the model forecasts are being generated, our apps work on the newest cell phones, or testing our product on the slopes... it's never a boring day!

MAKE Cooperative

Founding Director
The only coworking space in Minnesota incoroporated as a cooperative. All the perks of a coworking space with the added benefit of community ownership. When I'm not giving tours to random people or making sure our bills are being paid on-time, I'm paining or building a wall with our members.

City of Minneapolis

Citizen Environmental Advisory Commissioner
Appointed by the city council for a term from 2015-2017, my role is to advise the city council best on environmental issues that effect Minneapolis. As the chair of the Zero Waste Subcommittee, my current project is working with city council to put together and pass a plastic bag ban for the city. In addition, working with the city staff to improve 4+ unit and commercial recycling and composting, as well as the current rollout of citywide compost bins.

Chance of Weather

The precursor to OpenSnow, and still a testbed for other automated weather forecast generation, Chance of Weather is an ongoing side project to figure out how to best forecast weather for various outdoor events. Additionally, Chance of Weather provides contracted meteorologial services for outdoor events, such as bike races and summit attempts.

Rocky Mountain Soccer

Design and Development
A small project for one of my favourite places in Boulder, I worked with them to help create an e-commerece solution as a supplier of kits and equipment for the local youth soccer league. However,when I wasn't working with them, you usually could find me camped out there in front of the TV watching 'proper football', eating an ice cream cone, and working on another project.

Boulder Couch Crash

Started within the Couchsurfing community, a couch crash is where a city's community plans a weekend of events and activities, and invites to world to come visit. The Boulder Couch Crash was run for two years and had visitors from over 30 states and a 11 countries. As an organizer, I was responsible for organizing and marketing the events, and the day-to-day operation of the events.

National Center for Atmospheric Research

Meteorological Developer
As a developer for the Earth Observing Lab of NCAR, I was responsible from many of the front facing web applications for projects being funded by the lab. These projects ranged from websites for funded and upcoming projects that outlined schedules and goals, to databasing available instrumentation and scientifc data to be shared with partners and the public.

National Weather Service

Mobile and Geospartial Program Manager
There were two large projects I worked on at NWS. Firstly I helped create interactiveNWS, the precursor to the broadcast emergency alerts that are standard on all cell phones now. This project won me the NOAA Administrators Award in 2010. Secondly, I worked on Western Water Supply a tool for water managers to better understand the seasonal streamflow forecasts in the western United States.

Associated Students of the University of Utah

Director of Technology
One of my favorite things I ever did in college, I was appointed to the Executive Cabinet of the University of Utah student government. As the director of technology I was responsible for all of the digital and print materials created for events and activities put on by ASUU. It also gave me access to the university's Board of Regents and President. And some money off tuition.

Utah Ski Weather

Founding Student
My first real web project that still exists today, Utah Ski Weather was a project built in cooperation with the University of Utah and the graduate students of the Meteorology Department to forecast snowfall for ski areas in Northern Utah. Who would have though that a decade later I would be doing the same thing for my full-time job...


Upcoming Travels

Denver, Colorado
5-7 May 2016

Snowbird, Utah
22-26 June 2016

2016 Travels

#138 Los Cabos, Mexico
26 March – 1 April 2016
Some much needed R&R on the beach. And piña coladas.

#138 Denver, Colorado
1-4 March 2016
Catching up with friends, work, and perfect skiing!

#137 Salt Lake City, Utah
19-21 February 2016
Skiing and cupcakes!

#136 Washington DC
12-14 February 2016
Spent Presidents Day with the presidents in freezing DC.

#135 Denver, Colorado
27-29 January 2016
SIA beer drinking and adventuring!

#134 New Orleans, Louisiana
9-14 January 2016
AMS in New Orleans. A rite of passage in the meteorologist world.



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