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31 May 2012

Stop Motion Tour of Boulder

I decided to give my camera a bit of a workout and make a stop-motion footage tour of Boulder, Colorado. It was my first attempt at stop motion and it was funny to realise that all 620 photos only equated to about a minute of footage. Hope you enjoy!

12 March 2012

Spring Has Already Sprung

The spring equinox isn’t officially for another eight days, but with the recent (and annoying) switch over to daylight savings time this past weekend and the onset of temperatures in the mid-60s on a regular basis, one could argue that spring got a bit anxious and decided to be a...

11 January 2012

Winter Sunsets in Boulder

The past few days have seen some of the most beautiful sunsets, and all right from my backyard. And by backyard, I mean the piece of cement in front of my front door. Anyway, I thought I would share a few of my best shots this week as my blog...

3 June 2011

A Hug Filled Weekend

I never seem to travel much on holiday weekends during the summer, mostly because I have no interest dealing with the millions of people that decide to travel at the same time. This Memorial Day weekend was no different, even after going back and forth about traveling late into Friday...