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20 July 2013

Houston? We are having fun at NASA!

This past week I was lucky enough to attend my second NASA social media event or NASA Social/Tweetup. After attending the STS-135 launch in person at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, I was not going to say no for the chance to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas....

24 May 2012

SpaceX Launch

For those of you did not drink enough coffee to stay up until 1:44am MDT missed out on quite a spectacle as the first commercial rocket with a payload to visit the International Space Station (ISS) lifted off from Cape Canaveral. For me it brought back memories of watching the...

25 July 2011

Taking a Walk Down the New Path

For those of you who keep up on my twitter or vlog, I am sure you could not avoid the news last week of me quitting my job. I have kept details of why I decided for this change to a minimum both for the sake of not burning bridges...