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15 July 2013

A New Adventure

It was barely three years ago when I made the move back to my native Colorado after a brief adventure to attend university and job opportunities. Now, almost three years to the day, I am happy to announce I am moving again! To where you ask? Well I won’t make...

1 July 2013

Summer Hikes on the Front Range of Colorado

Summer is here and it’s getting hot, way too hot. However, there are some great hikes in and around the foothills that you can still enjoy, while hopefully not melting into a puddle even on the most miserable of days. Here are five of my favourites that I try and...

8 November 2012

8 Places I Would Live

Photo of me moving from Salt Lake City in 2010. It’s been a busy week here at Andrew HQ. I surpassed 10,000 words on my NaNoWriMo novel. Barack Obama (thankfully) won a second term as president of the United States. And work on OpenSnow has been going full speed ahead...

15 October 2012

In Five Years

Yes, that is a photo of me in Vancouver in October 2007. Whether at an interview or talking with you parents, there always seems to be that nagging question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. Many people have a very structured life and can rattle off some big...

27 September 2012

Late Season Hikes in Colorado

September is almost over and the hiking season is coming to an end quickly. However, with a few warm weekends ahead and the hiking boots still not packed away, here are three great hikes to do in Colorado. #1 Hanging Lake If you’re living in Colorado and haven’t heard or...

14 September 2012

I’m Ready for Summer to Be Over, Are You?

It’s time to get geeky and sciency this Friday afternoon and talk about this summer that has seemed to never end. So really, were we all just wusses or was this summer actually one of the hottest on record and we can continue to bitch and moan. Last month I...

31 May 2012

Stop Motion Tour of Boulder

I decided to give my camera a bit of a workout and make a stop-motion footage tour of Boulder, Colorado. It was my first attempt at stop motion and it was funny to realise that all 620 photos only equated to about a minute of footage. Hope you enjoy!

10 April 2012

A Snowless March and Adventures in Fargo

Happy April everyone — only yesterday did it seem like the beginning of March. So far April has started off with a bang between the way too early start to fire season and my recent last minute adventure, this time to Fargo, North Dakota. For those of you that don’t...

27 March 2012

Familiar Faces and The Hunger Games Review

As many of you know, over the past few weeks I have had quite a few visitors pass through. It has been a crazy time showing them everything from the Celestial Seasoning tea factory to Chautauqua Park to collapsing exhausted on the sofa at 11pm just to stay up talking...

12 March 2012

Spring Has Already Sprung

The spring equinox isn’t officially for another eight days, but with the recent (and annoying) switch over to daylight savings time this past weekend and the onset of temperatures in the mid-60s on a regular basis, one could argue that spring got a bit anxious and decided to be a...

13 February 2012

International Visitors and Nerds in IKEA

This past week I spent driving hundreds of miles and meetings dozens of people, and all without even leaving the Denver metro area. It all started with a visit from a friend of mine from England and ended with a pillow fight in IKEA. Monday started off with kidnapping my...

3 February 2012

Finally, Let Winter Begin!

My whirlwind week of conferences and expos continued this week with the Snowsports Industries America (SIA) SnowShow in Denver. The SnowShow was four crazy days of expo time at the convention center checking out all the latest gear and equipment. I also had a chance to grab a few giveaways...