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15 November 2012

RIP Dailybooth

It was a fun four years. For those that never knew of its awkward, photo-filled world, Dailybooth originally was a community of awesome people posting photos and stories once-a-day, every day. Back during it’s heyday in 2010, I’d always try to find the best photo of me for the day,...

7 October 2012

A Day in My Life

9am, my alarm goes off. Four text messages, 15 e-mails. Why does everyone find the need to get up at a reasonable hour? A thought crosses my mind: I should have gotten eight hours of sleep. First things first, a shower. No matter what. No excuses. Never anything before. Except...

28 August 2011

EuroFish: Rest of Europe

My trip was originally supposed to just involve headed over to London for Summer in the City and then back home, but it seemed foolish to spend hundreds of dollars to just visit one city in one country for a week. So, a few weeks before I booked the plane ticket I...