Penpal Project, Round III

4 years ago
8 September 2015

It’s been over three years since I started the first Penpal Project with this embarrassing video on YouTube. I had hoped to find a few friends, both new and old, to share letters with throughout my travels. I was shocked when over a dozen people, many of whom I’d never met before, sent me letters from around the globe.

A year later when I moved to Minnesota, I relaunched the project with my new address, in the hope of getting to send even more letters and postcards with even more people around the world. My list of penpal list grew even more, with postcards and letters being sent everywhere from Oklahoma to Oxford and beyond!

Since then I’ve sent and received over 500 letters, postcards, notes, duck tape rolls, and envelopes full of glitter from over 50 different people. However, over the past two years, my list has slowly dwindled as responses have slowed and addresses have gone out of date — including my own!

Finally this summer, after sending off a dozen postcards from my trip to Alaska, I decided after a two years it was time to relaunch the Penpal Project a third time.

So here it is — Penpal Project Round III! (sorry, no ridiculous video this time)

This time around I am even asking for my longtime penpals to follow the options below as well. I know I still have many of your current addresses, but this gives us a chance to start anew!

You have two options:
– Send me a letter, postcard, etc. to the address below with a quick hello message and your return address. (important!)
– Be lazy, and fill out the below form with your information so I can send you a letter or postcard.

But most importantly — respond when you get something! I feel this kinda is the point of being penpals.

My new address is:
Andrew Murray
3729 36th Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406
United States

And here is the form for you lazy people:

Can’t wait to write to you soon!