Quiet and Chaotic

7 years ago
17 January 2013

It’s been quite a few weeks since my last post (see: almost two months), so I thought it was about time that I sat down and got writing. At least it’s a break from coding.

Before the holidays I headed out on one of my more crazy 48-hour adventures to the bay area. If you want to read about that trip, I wrote up another post about it here.

As for the holidays, they were how they are for me most years: quiet and low-key, just how I like it. Erin came in to town to visit, which is always fun, and we spent much of it up at my parents house in the mountains either hiking or curled up in front of the fire (with me watching cable!).

After the holidays were over, it was off on my favourite January event, the annual American Meteorological Society meeting, which was being held in Austin, Texas this year. For those of you who know me, you know (as a Colorado native) my dislike for Texas. Mostly because of all the Texans that move here. So I went into the trip a bit reserved about the city, but excited to see many of my friends in the meteorology community that I only get to see at these conferences, once a year.

Most people judge Austin based on there ventures to the city during SXSW. However, after talking to quite a few locals, SXSW is about as “un-Austin” the city gets during the year. I guess it’s how Boulder gets during the Bolder Boulder times 100000. Nonetheless, all my pre-conceptions about the city were washed away within a few minutes of walking off the plane.

The best way I can look at the city is if you take Boulder. Now add about 10 times more people, a proper city center with tall buildings that can accommodate all the businesses that want to open, cheap food, cheap drinks, cheap public transit, get rid of the pompous attitude, and throw in a few more y’alls. Then you have Austin (don’t worry you can even keep your Priuses).

Yes, I know it’s in Texas. Yes, I know the rest of Texas isn’t like Austin. Nonetheless, I loved it there.

As for the conference, it was perfect in typical chaotic AMS style. A few hours of sleep here and there. Shaking hundreds of hands and making plenty of new acquaintances and friends. And finally, a sad day of goodbyes knowing that most of the people you meet, you won’t see for another year.

It’s like VidCon (YouTube conference), except with a bunch of weather geeks.

Now back in Boulder, it’s full speed ahead on getting new features done for OpenSnow. And of course two or three tabs open looking for another place to visit. I’ve been home for 6 days now. I’m fidgety.