My New Life in Minneapolis

6 years ago
16 September 2013

I wrote this last week, but thought I would hold off until the worst of the flooding (hopefully) has ended.

To all of my friends and family back home in Colorado, please stay safe and dry. For those that I know that have family members missing, you are in my thoughts and I am wishing for the best.

After spending the first 22 years of my life in Colorado, it’s heartbreaking to see all of the photos and updates of the destruction. I feel hopeless here in Minneapolis.

It’s been one month since I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. A very exciting and crazy month. But now with every box unpacked, everything put away, and even some new furniture purchases, I thought I’d jot down a few quick thoughts of my new home.

Minneapolis reminds me more and more of Denver every day I live here. There are so many similarities like the Nicollet Mall (16th Street Mall or Pearl Street Mall), lots of great restaurants, and enough park space to frolic in for days. However, there is no terrain. Minus the “hill” near my house and the cliffs on the river it’s like nowhere I have lived before. I’m used to mountains in my backyard!

Another big change is there is so much water and everything is green! (Usually) by about mid-September in Colorado everything is various shades of brown and all the creeks have run themselves down to a trickle. Here the lakes are just as full, Minnehaha Falls is only a minor torrent, and I can dive in Ultimate Frisbee and still land on a plush grass field.

There is also that little river called the Mississippi the flows between the cities.

Speaking of being outside, people here are just as athletic as back in Colorado. My evening walks down to Lake Calhoun are spent dodging hundreds of joggers and cyclists. In fact, the casual cycling community here is the largest I’ve ever seen. Then again, between the Grand Rounds and Midtown Greenway, there really isn’t anywhere you can’t go via bike.

As for the food, it’s delicious. As with any big city, there is a wide selection of really good restaurants here. Also, there is one of the largest Hmong (southeast Asian) populations in the states, which means amazing Thai food (see: equal-to-if-not-better than NYC/SF).

Also, living in the midwest means huge, affordable farmers markets everywhere. My local one is the main Minneapolis Farmers Market which is everyday and has pretty much replaced the grocery store for all of my produce and cheese. Did I mention it’s affordable too, unlike the other certain town I just moved from.

Minneapolis loves their coffee. There are at least two dozen coffee shops within a 10 minute walk of my house. And you can actually get a seat at most of them unlike Boulder. It’s a nice change, but I sadly seem to work more since I don’t know someone walking in the door every few seconds. That is a downside.

For the most part, the weather here is also just as bizarre as it is in Colorado. It was 92F on Wednesday this week, 63F on Thursday, and are having thunderstorms today (Friday). Then again, I swear everyone is waiting to see how I react to the one week this winter when it hits -30F. But I’d take that over the days last week when the heat index was inching near 110F.

Finally the people. Yes there is such thing as Minnesota nice. It’s everyone always super nice, no. Are they more so that many other places I’ve been, yes. Also, they suck at driving. Go faster!

We will see what the next months bring as I settle into my life here. I am excited to make new friends, eat at new restaurants, and try out cross country skiing.

Also, you should come visit me.