Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

6 years ago
6 March 2013

I’ve decided to change my travel blogs up a bit — half because I thought 12 paragraphs talking about my trip must be quite boring to read. Half because I am bored. So instead, I thought I would give a 1-3 sentence review of wherever I went on my travels and a rating from one to five penguins for how good it was!

Here is my review from the past week I spent in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington:

Day 1 – Portland

Portland Timbers Match
Scalped $10 seats for a friendly with Swedish football club AIK. Great supporters section. Great night of entertainment (if you like soccer). 4 penguins.

Photo Feb 23, 18 57 33

Dechutes Brewery
I’d compare Dechutes to the New Belgium of the Pacific Northwest, quality beers with some special ones available in their tap room. On a weekend night prepare a long wait, but worth it for the food! Get the Stout Mac n’ Cheese, or else. 4 penguins.

Day 2 – Portland

Good, high-quality brunch food with amazingly kind wait staff for a place that must seat 200-plus people. Also, best wait list ever. They will text you when your table is almost ready, so you can go wandering off as far as you’d like. 4 penguins.

Amazing local coffee purveyors is an understatement. Best mocha I have ever had. 5 penguins.

Salt & Straw Ice Cream
Deliciously, amazing ice cream in flavours you have never heard of, and will love. Taste a bunch before you pick. And yes, olive oil in ice cream in delicious. 5 penguins.

Hotlips Pizza
Went there late on a Sunday night for dinner. Delicious slices, but pick the daily special, you won’t be disappointed. Also, amazing happy hour. 4 penguins.

Rouge Brewing
Another Pacific Northwest staple. The tap room lets you taste as much as you want, including all the beers they sell in bombers nationwide… for free! (I am looking at you Avery) Yes they are a bigger brewery, but they still make some damn good beers. 4 penguins.

Day 3 – Portland

Lovejoy Bakers
Good breakfast stop in the Pearl District for pastries or a breakfast sandwich. They also have Crème brûlée steal cut oats which are delicious (maybe a bit sugary). Great for a grab-n-go on a busy day or to sit down for a minute. 4 penguins.

One of my favourite science museums, they usually always have an amazing rotating exhibit which is worth the extra money (it was the Mythbusters one when I was there). Also, they have their world famous IMAX screen. 5 penguins.

Photo Feb 25, 15 40 29

Cascade Brewing
Like sour beers? They have dozens, and they are all amazing. Also had a guest tap of a B/W Stout which was a wheat-coloured stout, so delicious that I had two! 4 penguins.

Base Camp Brewing
New to the area. Imagine if a brewery and REI met and had a love child, that sums up this brewery. Get the s’mores stout with a toasted marshmallow on the rim. Delicious. 5 penguins.

Photo Feb 25, 18 24 24

Burnside Brewing
Decent brewery on NE Brurnside. Good food. An amazing sweet and spicy beer to pair with it. I was drunk by the time I got here. 3 penguins.

Day 4 – Portland

Voodoo Doughnuts
A must do in Portland. New location lost the charm, but at least can handle the crowd. Make sure you go there during the middle of a weekday to avoid a hour-plus wait. 4 penguins.

Stumptown Coffee
If you haven’t already had their coffee somewhere else in the city (everywhere serves them) then stop by the home base. Enjoy a good shot of espresso while all the hipsters in bike gear stroll through. 4 penguins.

World Museum of Forestry
Fun little museum about forests and trees and such. Not much to see for the cost, but a nice change of pace if you don’t want to go the zoo across the street. 3 penguins.

Washington Park / Hoyt Arboretum
Portland’s Central Park, it has miles of trails that connect the zoo, rose garden, museums, Japanese gardens, and downtown. Great for a stroll through the redwoods or urban meadows. 4 penguins.

Photo Feb 26, 13 56 06

I Like Thai Food Cart
Solid curry for $5. You can’t go wrong. 4 penguins.

Base Camp Brewing
Again. See above. Erin and I wanted another marshmallow s’mores beer.

Sizzle Pie
Good pizza on NE Burnside, but not as good as Hotlips in my opinion. Then again, they are open until 3am all week long. Hard to beat that. 3 penguins.

Day 5 – Portland and Seattle

Fuller’s Diner
Fun (small) classic diner in the Pearl district. Simple, cheap, and filling. Don’t forget your cash. 3 penguins.

Amtrak Cascades
Takes just 30 minutes longer than driving or flying. Cheap during weekdays and great views out the window. Sit on the left side. Also, free wi-fi! 4 penguins.

Cutter’s Seafood
Good, high quality food and wine. You pay a premium for the service and the views of Puget Sound from the windows. Great for your one fancy night out in the city. 4 penguins.

La Pichet
Only went here for dessert and coffee. Delicious and authentic French food. Will have to go back for a whole meal, everything looked amazing. 5 penguins.

Day 6 – Seattle

Pacific Science Center
Located in the Seattle Center, another fun science museum that is starting to feel a bit dated. Still worth the money unlike the Space Needle. 3 penguins.

EMP Museum
Another museum in the Seattle Center, this one is dedicated to music, pop, and science fiction. Some cool exhibits, including a hands on music making studio. So fun! 4 penguins.

Photo Feb 28, 13 32 28

Jake’s Fish
Fish and chips shop on Pike Place offering most any seafood in fried form. Delicious, cheap, and actually has its own seating! 4 penguins.

Three Sisters Bakery
Little bakery in Pike Place. None of this gluten free, low fat crap. It’s all buttery deliciousness! 4 penguins.

Bauhaus Books and Coffee
Awesome little coffee shop in the Capitol Hill area. Awesome full wall bookshelves and upstairs loft seating. Drinks are a bit on the sweet side. 3 penguins.

Mexican restaurant in Capital Hill. Eh service, and Colorado Mexican food has spoiled me. 2 penguins.

Day 7 – Seattle

Yes the little one on Pike Place is the original (make sure you don’t go to the either of the ones a block away). This is still a real coffee shop, none of their push button machine crap they serve around the country. A must stop in Seattle. 4 penguins.

Museum of Flight
I love planes. And space. This place has a whole lot of both! I am biased. 5 penguins.

Photo Mar 01, 13 27 02

Pike Place Chowder
Amazing chowder place in Post Alley offering any kind of chowder you can think of. Come late or early, or expect a line. Comes with delicious free sourdough bread, too! 4 penguins.

Shy Giant Frozen Yogurt
Good, local frozen yogurt that’s reasonably priced for being in Pike Place. They could be a bit more adventurous with their flavours tho. 3 penguins.

Photo Feb 28, 15 10 35

Beecher’s Cheese
Delicious cheese place on Pike Place. The curds were amazing. But don’t eat a whole pound of them before getting on a flight. 4 penguins.

There you have it!, my seven day adventure to the Pacific Northwest that involved a lot of food, beer, pizza, museums, coffee, and ice cream! Hope these reviews help you find a good place if you are ever in the neighbourhood!