A New Adventure

6 years ago
15 July 2013

It was barely three years ago when I made the move back to my native Colorado after a brief adventure to attend university and job opportunities. Now, almost three years to the day, I am happy to announce I am moving again!

To where you ask? Well I won’t make you wait a second longer…

On August 8th, I will be moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Between the amazing bike system, one of my favourite airports, great food, lots of snow, and the hundreds of new things I hope to discover, it seemed like another great adventure I could not pass up.

Even with the move, I will still be working full-time on OpenSnow, albeit in some new coffee shop in Uptown Minneapolis instead of Atlas here in Boulder. So don’t worry Colorado friends, I will be back in town for work and to hug all of you on a regular basis.

More details over the coming weeks as I start to figure out stuff myself. And of course, you are all invited to come visit!

And now for your reading pleasure, some fun facts about Minneapolis:

– GOOD Magazine rated Minneapolis the #1 biking city in America. (yes, above Denver and Portland)
– You can walk an entire 5K in the Mall of America and not repeat a level. (done it)
– The largest sculpture garden in the US is located there. (there’s a cherry on a spoon)
– The first bridge to cross the Mississippi River is located in the twin cities. (yay water)
– You can walk 69 blocks (7 miles) in downtown without stepping outside thanks to the Skyway system. (okay, it does get cold)
– Post-it(tm) Notes were invented in the city! (post it all the things)