Project Two: Story

7 years ago
28 May 2012

It’s project time again everybody!

This time were are going to write a collaborative story. If you have never heard of the concept before, the way it works is that each person can only contribute on to the end of the story (in our case about 200 characters). Then someone else adds on. Then another. Then you again. So on, so forth. Eventually in the end dozens of people help write the story, line by line.

To get started, visit the Project: Story website at


1. Keep with the story. You can add characters and new plot twists, but don’t derail the whole thing.

2. Share and write often! Give everyone you know the link so more people can be involved. Also, write as much as possible yourself (just not twice in a row)!

3. Keep it PG-13, nobody wants to read your attempt at 50 Shades of Grey.

4. Read the FAQ below if you have any questions.

5. Have fun!


Do I have to tell you who I am?
No! The author part will just let me give you credit when we are done. Nobody will know what parts you wrote.

I am a terrible writer, have terrible grammar, etc!
That doesn’t matter. If all else fails, our amazing editors will fix your oxford commas and tenses in the end.

I don’t like ____ about the story. Why did ____ happen to my character?
That is the point of a collaborative story. You don’t have control over everything that happens. Go with it!

Will there be a beautiful bound and published copy of the finished piece?
Solid maybe.

How many gallons of ice cream could a penguin eat?
23, per day. Now get back to writing!

I’m have a different question! I am confused! I need a hug!
Feel free to e-mail me at — hopefully we can figure things out!