International Visitors and Nerds in IKEA

8 years ago
13 February 2012

This past week I spent driving hundreds of miles and meetings dozens of people, and all without even leaving the Denver metro area. It all started with a visit from a friend of mine from England and ended with a pillow fight in IKEA.

Monday started off with kidnapping my friend Emma from the airport who was in town for a couple of days during her trip wandering the USA. Kidnapping her, however, was a bit difficult due to having to find her in the airport with no phone and only knowing her flight was supposed to arrive from Seattle at 5:45pm. It would have been simple enough if not for three different flights on three different airlines all coming in from Seattle at exactly the same time that day. Nonetheless, while it took about an extra 30 minutes of running between baggage claims, I finally successfully kidnapped her.

She got to experience a real Colorado winter while here as it snowed the first day she was here, and we ended up spending it going to the US Mint and Science/History museum, two places I had not been in over a decade. Also much to my shock, even as a British person she did not drink tea or coffee. However, thankfully she was a beer fan and between visits to various museums in Denver, we were off at one of the many breweries we visited.

After dropping Emma off at the airport on Thursday morning, I attended a luncheon for meteorologists put on my Colorado Ski USA. Not only was there plenty of free food, drinks, and valet parking, but I got to spend over two hours chatting with not only PR and marketing personnel from the ski areas, but most of the TV meteorologists within the state of Colorado as well. One of which, Mike Nelson, I grew up idolizing and going on tours of the studio with as a child.

When the weekend hit, I did not slow either, first with a crazy Friday night at a birthday party that ended with a very cold and snowy walk home at 3:30am. And then with an awesome nerdfighter (see: youtube) gathering in Denver. There I met over a dozen new friends that vlogged and watch youtube as much, if not more than I do.

The group first terrorized Panera Bread for over and hour chatting and drinking lots off coffee before I was able to convince about eight people to join me on an adventure to IKEA. There we frolicked, pillow fought, ninja-ed, and ate meatballs on our way through the store, somehow without getting kicked out. After the long drive back home to Boulder I collapsed on the sofa Saturday night, too tired to go out again after an already crazy week.