Familiar Faces and The Hunger Games Review

7 years ago
27 March 2012

As many of you know, over the past few weeks I have had quite a few visitors pass through. It has been a crazy time showing them everything from the Celestial Seasoning tea factory to Chautauqua Park to collapsing exhausted on the sofa at 11pm just to stay up talking for hours longer.

Two weekends ago my visitor was my friend Teresa from New Jersey who decided that harassing me for her spring break was a good idea. Her and I had met at the weather geek conference in New Orleans. We had fun frolicking around Boulder, and it was made even more interesting by the fact that she was 20 and unable to go out many places after dark. Nonetheless, we had an amazing time visiting both Denver and Boulder. And for the first time in recent memory when I was not concerned about having our typical spring break snow storm in the middle of her visit.

During the week I spent time running around the entire city it seemed, going to a hockey game with my father, replacing my exploding radiator in my car (which killed my bank account), and attending DrupalCon in Denver (the amazing conference I attended in Chicago a year ago). Then just after midnight on Friday, well technically on Saturday, it was time to pick up guest number two.

My visitor for this past weekend was my friend Lauren, someone I met on Dailybooth over three years ago and have been friends with ever since. It is funny to think that as I toured her around Boulder, meeting my friends and such, that I, in fact, knew her longer than every single person that I see on a regular basis. Yet this was the first weekend that we ever had met face-to-face. Once again winter (nor spring) were anywhere to be found and we spent lots of time up in the very dry mountains, something she has missed while living on the east coast.

While she was here I attended my first movie at the cinema in over four years, The Hunger Games. While I read the first book back this past summer before my trip to Europe, my memory serves that I was generally pleased with the book. While not one of my favourite books, it was not as terrible of young adult fiction as say Twilight.  It ticked the right boxes and was a pleasant read.

But on to the movie. I know while there are people that complain that X plot line was shortened, or they left out Y, my answer to you is they tried to turn a 300 page novel into movie, and of course they were going to leave things out. I personally believe it was a very good adaptation, and that much like the book, it ticked the right boxes. They had enough gore and death to keep the fact that is book is about children killing children, but managed to keep it PG-13. Additionally, they had enough romance between the characters to keep the story, but kept it to the point where I was not search for my candy box because I was bored by the 5-minute dialouge about wanting/missing someone. By both keeping to the book (and keeping my attention, which is a challenge) I give the movie a solid A- rating. While it did not blow me away (and no book-to-film ever will) it was successfully in meeting and exceeding some of my expectations.

Now with a new week swinging into gear, my loud neighbours back home, and no visitors or trips in the immediate future, it’s time for me to sit down and figure out some new goals in my life. Whatever those may be.