A Snowless March and Adventures in Fargo

7 years ago
10 April 2012

Happy April everyone — only yesterday did it seem like the beginning of March. So far April has started off with a bang between the way too early start to fire season and my recent last minute adventure, this time to Fargo, North Dakota.

For those of you that don’t live in Colorado, March was the driest every on record. That is a big change as-is, but is even further bolstered by the fact that March is also the 3rd wettest and snowiest month for Denver/Boulder. Just saying that does not look good for the chance of avoiding a drought this summer. Thankfully, because of last years well above average snowpack, most reservoirs in the high country ended last summer with above average capacity, at least buffering the chance of severe water restrictions for now. Nonetheless, it was still strange to stroll through spring while avoiding our typical (but random) mid-March blizzard.

March also was a strange month of me with a plethora of visitors to my house rather than me being the typical traveler. Obviously this could not become too much of a trend and this past Tuesday I purchased a plane ticket to visit Erin up in Fargo, North Dakota for the weekend. While it was a very uneventful weekend because of the holidays — it was good to relax (and harass) someone and get away from Colorado for a bit.

Sorry for the bit of a lame update, there just has not been nothing too exciting to talk about over the past few weeks. Look for a new series and blog coming here soon with some exciting weather knowledge and my photography.