A Day in My Life

7 years ago
7 October 2012

9am, my alarm goes off. Four text messages, 15 e-mails. Why does everyone find the need to get up at a reasonable hour? A thought crosses my mind: I should have gotten eight hours of sleep.

First things first, a shower. No matter what. No excuses. Never anything before. Except maybe brushing my teeth. Cross my fingers my shower decides to be in super spray mode. I’ve lived here almost two years and still have no idea why it does that. I’m in luck today.

Drag self from shower. Towel. Towel. Aimlessly stare at two drawers of clothes while naked. Look at weather on my phone. Yes I am a weatherman for a living, no judging. Boxers. Shirt. Jeans. Keys. Wallet. Mobile. Upstairs I go.

Waffles sound delicious every single morning. Maybe even with bacon. Instead, cereal. Milk. Bowl. Tablet to read the news. I’m feeling lazy, again. Send a few e-mails. Learn some new knowledge to start out the day. Decide where the hell I am going to work today.

Messenger bag. Bicycle. And out the front door. Today is going to be library. Can’t be bothered to deal with the crowds at the coffeeshop, yet. Enjoy the refreshing ride to the library. Almost get hit by a car. Almost hit a drunk homeless person. Quickly run through all the reasons I love and hate Boulder. Lock up bike.

Table near the windows. Second floor. Rolly chair. I thought I was all about not having a routine. Plug in laptop. Plug in headphones. Plug in cell phone. Open notepad. Drink water. Take a deep breath. Work. Okay, check in on foursquare, then work.

Five hours later, realize I have to pee. Lunch time! Pack up laptop. Notepad. Water bottle. Use library restroom with homeless man showering in sink. Unlock bike. Bike home. Almost hit hipster pedestrian. Flip off pedestrian.

Text friends. Make ham and cheese sandwich. Laugh at how terrible of a jew I am. Sit on uncomfortable Ikea sofa. Eat sandwich. Watch Top Gear. End up taking hour long nap on uncomfortable sofa.

Wake up, it’s 5pm. Walk to coffeeshop to do more work. Work for hour. Happy hour! Spend $4 on beer with friends. Mentally note I should stop spending $4 on beer with friends. Wander home. Make dinner. Eat dinner while watching YouTube while on uncomfortable sofa.

Wander downstairs. Shoes off. Into office. Look over to do list. Work until 11pm. Ice cream! Don’t forget sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles. Get back to work.

Skype. Work. Work. Facebook. Work. YouTube. Work. Realize its almost 2am. Tell myself I only have a few more things left. 3am.

Wash hair. Brush teeth. Fan on. TV show on. Take my turn in Words with Friends(tm). Clear all notifications from phone. Set alarm for 9am. Set sleep timer on TV for 60 minutes. See that it’s almost 4am.

I should really get eight hours of sleep.