8 Places I Would Live

7 years ago
8 November 2012

Photo of me moving from Salt Lake City in 2010.

It’s been a busy week here at Andrew HQ. I surpassed 10,000 words on my NaNoWriMo novel. Barack Obama (thankfully) won a second term as president of the United States. And work on OpenSnow has been going full speed ahead with snow in the forecast.

Another thing I have been thinking about a lot is where I actually want to be living. As many people know, I am not a huge fan of living in Boulder, Colorado (even though I love my house). So over the past few weeks I have been dreaming about where in the world would I want to live. I came up with eight different places I would enjoy living in, with two honorable mentions. Here they are in no specific order:

Berlin, Germany
When I visited Berlin a few summers ago, I absolutely fell in love with the city. The people were friendly, the beer and food were delicious, and the public transit was second to none. Not to mention when I was taken out by some locals one of might nights there to many of the local cafes and nightclubs, I was entirely sold.

Bristol, United Kingdom
Funny this location is on the list seeing as I was was supposed to move there for post-grad in 2010. While I love visiting London every year while I am in the UK, I could actually see myself living in Bristol. It’s a large enough city, with a great music scene and even a few non-stop flights back stateside.

Lucerne, Switzerland
While I have only spent a day there this past summer, it was love at first sight. A beautiful lake and river, the Alps rising in the background, a transportation museum, what more could you ask for. Yes, living in Switzerland would be a bit pricey, and I still don’t understand what languages they speak, but it all seems worth it for such a beautiful country.

Denver, Colorado
Yes, 35 miles from where a live now and a place I visit sometimes multiple times a week makes this list of places I want to move. While I grew up in the suburbs of Denver as a kid, and somehow ended back up here with my previous job, I still love the city. I am guessing I would love it even more if I actually had the chance to live in it.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
A city that I have spent a lot of time in lately, I have really come to love it. It is pretty much the Denver of the Upper Midwest, younger in age, lots of good beer, pro sports teams; the list just goes on how Minneapolis is very similar to Denver. The one down side, there is a reason you can go 80+ blocks in downtown without stepping foot outside, it gets f’ing cold in winter.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Why yes, another city I have lived in before has made the list, good ol’ SLC. While I lived here for my four years during undergrad, I ran away screaming in 2010 from the crazy Mormons and everyone getting married and having kids. While stupid liquor laws, public transit that shuts down at 10pm, and most people my age already being married all suck, having some of the best skiing and hiking in the country only a few minutes away (and mostly empty) is hard to pass up.

South Lake Tahoe, California
By now you have probably noticed a theme, I want to be outside and in the mountains. Living high up in the Sierras would fulfill both of goal with ease in a very beautiful place. Very much like Boulder, I would be able to spend a lot of time outdoors living up in the mountains again. The one downside to this, the nearest large city (Sacramento) is over 2 hours away in good weather.

Vancouver, Canada
I almost ended up here back in 2005 to attend the University of British Columbia, but ended up having a few things not work out. Nonetheless, I still love the city; it’s friendly, fun, and has delicious food. Not to mention, some of the best skiing in the world is only a short drive up the Sea-to-Sky Highway. Maybe if Romney would have won, I would have run away to here sooner than later.

Honourable Mentions
Portland, Oregon
San Sebastian, Spain

So there you have it, if you hear of me packing my bags this coming July when my lease is up, there is a very good chance that I will be ending up in one of these cities. Would you live or not live in any of them?