With the First Quarter Complete…

8 years ago
1 April 2011

If the year was some sort of sport, we would be reaching the end of the first quarter right now. And well, I though what better time to do a recap of what I feel like I have accomplished for the year so far and what I am still looking forward to over the next nine months.

Things I have already accomplished:

  • Taken four different trips
  • Visited two countries and nine states.
  • 3000 miles of road tripping done.
  • Moved.
  • Given 8000 hugs… or so.
  • Met at least 250 awesome people.
  • Turned a year older.
  • Started on my postgraduate programme.
  • Had a physical and found out that I was healthy
  • Went camping

Things I would still like to accomplish in 2011:

  • Road trip on the East Coast
  • All-nighter (Chicago almost counts)
  • Visit the UK again
  • Visit somewhere new at least 500 miles away from home.
  • Complete a big project
  • Give more hugs.
  • Start writing in my blog at least weekly
  • Start taking at least one photo a week.
  • Start making more youtube videos
  • Put more money into my savings
  • Meet more awesome people.
  • Give an Ignite talk.
  • Go on at least eight more trips.
  • See at least one tornado while storm chasing this spring/summer.
  • Go to Water World.
  • Take a mental health day.

I am sure that I will add many, many more goals to this list as the year passes and probably accomplish things I have not even set out to do, but this is a start. It’s time to make 2011 awesome!