To NASA and Beyond

8 years ago
22 July 2011

So I realize this post is already two weeks and the space shuttle has already landed – and I am sorry. I have had a lot of things come up that I will talk about in my next post, but better late than never!

While I was preparing the 429 page blog about every little detail I did during my six days in Florida, I realized that no amount of words could have described just how amazing the trip was as a whole. The amazing people that I met, the experience I had both at the space center during official event, and the moments that I got to spend exploring personally. Thankfully, I shot a vlog with some clips of some of my experiences that I got to have while attending the last ever space shuttle launch. It does not include some interesting and fun moments, like drinking wine being caricatured at midnight in a hotel room or getting locked in the Vehicle Assembly Building at the end of our tour. However, it gives a good glimpse into the amazing time I had there!



As I said to start with, and especially if you don’t follow me on twitter or facebook, I have a lot of explaining to do in the next couple of days!