The July to Come

8 years ago
30 June 2011

It is now 30 June 2011 and nearing 10pm… and unless I somehow find out how to time travel (or stumble upon a TARDIS or DeLorean) I will miss out on my first month of traveling since August 2010. There always seems a month where every attempt to travel is either foiled by being busy at home or there being no cheap/viable options. This month was a combination of the both, as working on my startup equaled to 12 hour work days and with gas prices once again near record levels, flights were once again unreasonable for last minute travel. I did get within one button click of heading to Vancouver a few weeks ago, but that ended up being ‘spoiled’ by getting an e-mail about NASA Tweetup at that exact moment.

However, while disappointed and having a bit of Boulder bubble fever, this next month looks to be nothing short of amazing. While I never try to set my expectation high, having a chance to watch the Space Shuttle launch AND getting to attend VidCon only a few weeks apart makes it hard not to get psyched.

As I wrote about in my previous post, the NASA Tweetup is a chance of a lifetime, and actually the last chance in my lifetime (it looks like). Having the honour of getting to not only watch the last space shuttle launch, but to actually be formally invited by NASA to attend it. Another reason for the excitement has been the Facebook group populated by the other 149 selected attendees, which has flooded my inbox with everything from notes to pictures to just fun chatter about the weekend we are all going to spend together. In the end, I just have to have my fingers crossed that the weather holds for the launch… or figure out how to control it in the next 5 days.

VidCon is another amazing reason to look forward to this next month, especially when attending last year was scrapped last minute when I had to move only a few weeks beforehand. VidCon is all about those both big and small within the YouTube crashing a hotel in Hollywood for a weekend to attend everything from one-on-one talks to concerts to diving into ball pits (I have heard rumours of Nerf guns this year). I am looking forward to it because it is one of the few opportunities throughout the year to get to see many of the people I converse with online, all shoved into one corner of the world.

In the end, July should easily eclipse my disappointment brought on by my failure to travel during June, even in only a few short days. I cannot wait to me so many amazing and crazy people both at NASA Tweetup and VidCon, making memories and friendships that will last for years to come!