Taking a Walk Down the New Path

8 years ago
25 July 2011

For those of you who keep up on my twitter or vlog, I am sure you could not avoid the news last week of me quitting my job. I have kept details of why I decided for this change to a minimum both for the sake of not burning bridges with my soon-to-be ex-employer, as well as to be fair to myself and to keep some things private to only a few select parties.

Working at the National Center for Atmospheric Research was a great experience for me. Coming over from NOAA it was a change to see how a research environment operates differently than a government agency. While there were many more egos to deal with, the projects and ideas within the laboratory were both top quality and intriguing, and I was lucky enough to be a part of some of them. Overall, the experience I gained while working there will not be forgotten, and while I left a few projects unfinished, I hope to keep both the personal and business relationships I made during my time there.

As for my future plans, there is a blend of a lot of different pieces that will be coming together to make up my employment future. The largest of these pieces will be working with the rather infamous Joel Gratz. Being a meteorologist himself, Joel was the brains behind Colorado Powder Forecast (coloradopowderforecast.com) – a website very similar to the Utah Ski Weather (utahskiweather.com) site that I operated while in SLC. We will be joining forces to bring an array of projects and websites catered to outdoor weather. The first of these projects, Chance of Weather (chanceofweather.com), we launched just this past week.

Additionally, I look forward to the trips I have planned in the coming weeks. Between now and mid-October I will be lucky enough to be visiting Los Angeles for VidCon, spend most of August touring western Europe, wander Atlanta with a friend from NASA, catch a PAC-12 football game in SLC, and hopefully many more unplanned trips to come.

For now, I am full of excitement, ideas and a little bit of nervousness heading down this new path. But I have hope and energy to push through with my new goals, and the rewards that will hopefully come with them.