Sugar Overloads and 950 Mile Road Trips

8 years ago
19 September 2011

While a bit late, I have finally had some time to sit down and write about my two past adventures over these past weekends. After Europe, my traveling did not stop with trips to Atlanta, Georgia and a more unexpected trip to Fargo, North Dakota in the weeks following.

I headed down to Atlanta to see my friend Alison

and to spend my second Labor Day in a row wandering around the south. I had never been to Georgia before, at least outside of the airport, and I was pleasantly surprised. While there was plenty of the typical southern things, it is also the most major city in the south, and therefore much more progressive than what I would have guessed (even more so that Nashville).

While in Atlanta I got a tour of all the important, well touristy, sites within the city including the Aquarium and Coca-Cola World! At Coca-Cola, I watched some really random 3-D movies about the soda (and as I found out, anything liquid) company before the part that everyone goes for – the tasting room. There you can try drinks from countries all over the world, some were really good and many were quite disgusting. Not only that, but after drinking about 300 samples of carbonated beverages, not only was a super sugared up… but super sick as well. We also went to the aquarium which is one of the most famous ones in the US. It was an awesome aquarium as a whole, and I had a good laugh went we went to the dolphin show… not knowing it was a musical production (with dolphins).

The rest of the weekend was spend hanging around, watching football, drinking delicious milkshakes and sweet tea, and having an overall good holiday weekend. I don’t know where else I have friends in the south, but looks like I will be having to find somewhere to go down there next Labor Day.

After coming home on Monday I had to start the hard task of helping Erin pack to move to Fargo. Sadly, she had been offered an amazing job back in her home city and was moving back there for the school year. After a quick weekend of throwing things in boxes, something her and I have become very good at, it was off to do the very boring drive to Fargo.

We decided to do the entire drive up there in a single day, so Friday morning at 7am, we got in the car and headed towards the plains. We traveled through little towns in the middle of nowhere, saw thousands of cows, and somehow had kept her Subaru going 75mph even while pulling a fully-loaded U Haul (and to note: we still got 17mpg!). Then just around 11pm, after 944 miles and 15 hours of driving we made it!

Wanting to spend some extra time before saying goodbye to Erin (and save a buck or two flying home) – I spent until Wednesday wandering around the city of Fargo. Before Erin started on Monday, I got a tour of all of her favorite restaurants and dessert places, and we even found a roof bar that I could have mistaken for being in either Boulder or Denver. During the week, I did my best to get some work done either at the local coffee shops downtown, or by pretending to be a student at North Dakota State University and hanging around the union building using their wi-fi all day.

While it was a very sad goodbye when I headed home to my empty house, I had another good trip up to Fargo. I was also very glad to have the option to fly home, rather than do the long and boring drive all over again.

Shockingly, I now have a whole 15 days at home before I head of on my next adventure again, this time to see my Utah Utes play some football the first weekend of October.