Should I Stay or Should I Go?

9 years ago
26 January 2011

Well apparently the travel bug has bitten me again. Easily noticeable by the number of itineraries and reservations spilling out of the folder in my backpack. Yes, I do have a folder entirely for all of my travels. Spring always seems to be the time of year I travel most, mostly helped along by the fact that airfares are usually cheapest in January and February to almost anywhere. And I was going to make sure that this year was no different.

This year’s binge started back in early January when I first booked a trip to Boston for the long weekend around Martin Luther King Day. However, I really did not start going wild until the week that trip was planned for. That week I decided that I no longer wanted to deal with the snow in Boston and ended up traveling to Puerto Vallarta instead (see previous post). It was the day after I came back from the trip when I decided to figure out where I was traveling for the upcoming months.

The funny thing is if you give me a few hundred dollars I can find my way around the world and back again. If you give me a voucher, I will be trying to spend it all the way up until the last minute. This had happened when I was bumped off flights last year, and was happening again with my cancelled trip to Boston. So I decided to force myself to use it this spring for two reasons. I simply did not want to have to worry about trying to use the voucher when I need to get to Seattle or LA later this year, and I still needed to find a trip for this next month. So after evenings of sticky notes and hundreds of browser tabs; last night I purchased tickets to Portland, Oregon for the holiday weekend in February.

However, that was not the end of my travel binge for the past couple of days. I then decided to settle all of my arrangements for Chicago this March as well, when I am attending DrupalCon for a week there. It was my first trip where I have had to plan around classes over two years, and I did not like it.

Then it was onto this summer, marking out the time I am planning to road trip the central valley of California this April and booking my hotel for VidCon in July. I added all of these trips in just a few days, already on top of my road trip to the southwest in March and San Francisco in May that I planned months ago.

Then I stumbled upon my most elusive trip, a trip I have been eyeing since October and not had the guts to finalize. My trip back to the United Kingdom. I have been wanting to take this trip since last April when I found out that I was not going to be able to move there for school/work. In the end, holding back has had nothing to do with if I really want to go on it, but more if it is going to be as amazing as last time and worth my time (as sad as that sounds). For every person that tells me GO, there is another that tells me to go see something new. And unfortunately my indecision has forced me into a hard place, I either go in 2 weeks or wait another couple of months and try again. For once I really have no idea if I should stay or go.

Besides my confusion over the UK trip, I can smile scrolling through my 2011 calendar now. I have already planned or booked trips for every month up until August, and we are not even out of January again. And while some would call my travel plans the work of a madman. I just look forward to my next adventure with a huge grin on my face.