Setting Priorities and Listy Stuff

8 years ago
3 April 2011

Another day and another blog!

I finally got some relaxing in since we last talked, lying around the house and getting some much needed work done on while sprawled across my sofa. I even ended up watching quite a few movies last night, which if you know me, is not typical of me.

Today I though I would talk about some of the priorities I have been making in my life. Sadly since this is a public forum, those that know me well (and go out for coffee and drinks with me) only know the entire story but I cannot disclose too many details about some of the things I have been working on and stewing over. Nonetheless, between booking some more travels, working on some new projects and so much more, the next few months should be really exiting.

To start with, I have a whole bunch of exciting projects coming up that are going to be keeping me busy. Everything from launching a new website for my employer to a new startup company I am working with are quickly moving along and hopefully be all done before the first leaves fall this autumn.

I am also currently writing up my first contribution to the collab channel on youtube I talked about last blog post. Not really sure where it’s going, and should probably figure that out sooner than later.

My personal youtube channel might be changing a bit in the near future as well as I look at what best direction to take it over the coming months. Right now its been very much just a bland vlog, and I think I can make something so much better than that (and learn some better editing skills along the way).

Also, I was asked if I wanted to give an Ignite ( talk this upcoming month about some topic. Which would be awesome, once I get over the fact that I will have to stand up in front of 900+ strangers to do it.

My current travel agenda is also filling up with trips already booked for the months of April, May, July, and September. Some of those should be crazy adventures, and with some of the other travel goals I have for the year I am tempted to skip a few months to save money. Nonetheless, the Andrew Travel Rule exists for a reason and I need more epic journey stories to share.

Well my to-do list is only growing, so I best get off to working again. Until tomorrow!