Let BEDA Begin

8 years ago
2 April 2011

Second blog in two days, and this time it is not by coincidence! I have decided that I am going to attempt to complete BEDA (Blog EveryDay in April) this year. It should be hard enough for me to remember to start with, let alone write some of them while on my travels. However, here goes nothing!

Today was the official beginning of spring for us here in Boulder, Colorado. The Farmer’s Market kicked off today, and it was beautiful. With the exception of a bit of wind, there is only a few clouds in the sky and the thermometer is already hitting 75F. Sadly, this is Colorado and it’s going to be raining and possibly snowing by tomorrow afternoon, but I guess enjoy it while you can!

Besides the weather today, I thought I would take a chance to promote a new project on YouTube I am participating in. I am working with six other awesome people starting a new collaboration channel, Vlogsense. (http://www.youtube.com/vlogsense). The amazing Libby started us off on 1 April and we are trying to have a new video up every single day of the week. I am on Tuesday’s, so don’t forget to check it out then! However, does anyone have any good topics for me to talk about this week?

Time to get some work done while sitting outside on this beautiful Saturday, until tomorrow!