Here We Go Again!

8 years ago
25 February 2011

I apparently have a thing of moving. Well, at least it would seem so after I have moved eight times in the past six years. What can I say, I apparently don’t like staying still for too long. So as it happens, I am moving again next week! This time however, the reasons are bit more obvious.

Firstly, I currently have a 44-mile, 1.5 hour round-trip to and from work daily, and frankly I am sick of it. Not to mention when there is an accident, snowstorm, idiot college student, or freak invasion of hippies decided to double or even triple the length of my commute. Furthermore, with gas now approaching $3.50/gal, the last thing I want to be wasting my money on is a tank of gas a week. Solution, the new place is a 10min bike ride, 5min walk + 5min bus ride, or less than 5min car ride from my work.

This also leads me to my next point of location, location, location. There are quite a few pubs and coffeeshops that I frequent while spending my weekdays up in Boulder. What better than to find a place where all of these are in walking distance. While my current flat as a few commercial places nearby along with a few decent restaurants nearby, they are full of 50s+ that live in the nearby neighbourhoods. At age 24, while they are lovely people to talk to during wine tasting, the are just not people I want to be at the pub with. The change of scene for my local establishments will be an immediate and much welcome change.

Finally, there are many odds and ends that make this place better. Firstly, its a bi-level which mean one amazing change: nobody above me. While the family above right now is not ‘terribly’ bad, there are many of Saturday mornings at 8am where the broom has come out. Secondly, my current place was my first attempt at a ‘community apartment’ with all the amenities, quick maintenance, quirky managers, overfilled parking lots, thousands of people, and general chaos. A four-plex simplifies this all down, and all I feel I lose is the hot tub, which I never used anyway.

There are also unfortunately a few negatives that come with moving to a new place this next weekend. The first one is the financial impact of moving so often, the double-rent months and lost deposits, moving right out of the get-go is not cheap. Also, I still have classes for my postgrad studies in downtown Denver, and will somehow still have to find my way down there once or twice a week (most likely via the bus terminal near my house!). Lastly, while nobody lives above me, I am moving to a college town, and it is a guaranty that is going to not be a quiet as my suburban city centre is right now.

Overall, I am excited about the move next weekend, and more excited to simply just get it over with finally! I am sure my body and wallet, with appreciate the cheaper rent, less gas, more exercise, lack of rush hour road rage, and all of the other perks that are coming along with this move. And maybe, just maybe, for once I will live somewhere longer than 12 months.