EuroFish: Summer in the City

8 years ago
17 August 2011

After all of my domestic travels, it was time to head off on my international adventure to Europe for the month of August. Leaving, the goal was to get a new prospective on life, meet some new friends and have a good time along the way. Sitting here in my second hostel in Berlin, it has exceeded my wildest dreams.

It started off last Wednesday when I left Colorado for London to attend Summer in the City. Along the way I got to see my friend Alison for NASAtweetup in the Atlanta airport, a second goodbye as I headed to meet a dozen people. Of course with all eastbound international fights, I left in the evening of one day, slept very little on the flight and landed mid-day in London.

The lodge in Swiss Cottage was my first ever hostel, which may seem hard to believe with me, but I am usually the person that couchsurfs and stays in hotels. It was a great experience, not only because the place was great, but because the people I met were amazing as well. As much as I will remember the dozens of people I met at SitC (although I might forget their names) – the close friends that I spent every minute with from my hostel I will remember and miss most of all.

SitC was an amazing followup to attending VidCon a few weeks ago (a blog that I still need to write as well). While it was a different premise of just meeting people rather than talking to the biggest youtubers, it was still amazing to talk to so many people. Not only that, but getting to sit outside in parks around London for three days was a great way to end summer, especially since it did not rain. However, not only did I get to meet new friends, but I got to stay with my good friend Lauren I made last year when I visited London.

The gigs each night were also great with some amazing acts with the open mic night on Friday, where even a few of my friends rocked the stage. Then Saturday night, where both artists I knew and heard for the first time lit up the stage and made the night unforgettable. The adventures home after the gigs were also special, usually racing with 20+ people that were staying together to catch the last tube train home.

Some of the people I met I will stay friends with for a long time. As I said before, the people I met at the hostel will always be closest to me because I seem to spend every waking hour with them. Between us, we also spread a large portion of the world, coming from London, Scotland, Switzerland, Estonia and everywhere in between.

While I could spend pages writing about the details of each person I met, every ice cream run we made and random streets we skipped down, it seems better to just say I had beyond an amazing time. There is Facebook to keep up-to-date and in touch with my friends that I have from SitC. And my calendar already has the dates for SitC 2012 are already marked off in anticipation to attend next year!

Saying goodbye to everyone at these events are always the hardest and I miss the friends I have made. As everyone headed home or separate ways, I however, was headed on a new adventure. Tuesday morning I carried my bag to Luton airport and headed off to Berlin, Germany for the next few days. Another stop on my crazy August adventure through western Europe.