Busy is an Understatement

8 years ago
19 May 2011

Long time no see blog readers – sorry for the delay. It’s been a crazy past could of weeks (and/or month) here, full of people, projects and life. Besides the usual drag of daily work, school and life, I have had a few other things on my plate.

Firstly, I have been working with Joel Gratz (@gratzo) on a new “outdoor weather” startup company for the past couple of weeks. Last night we launched our first test forecast and blog at http://chanceofweather.com and all seems to be good for now. However, that is just the beginning of the amount of work and time that needs to be put into the site to make it awesome (and make us some monies).

Secondly, it was time for final exams and papers in my postgraduate program and whenever I had a moment to read I was too busy BSing the best I could a public policy paper or solving budget issues in excel. It was very weird having finals for the first time in three years and made me think twice about pursuing this degree that I really don’t need. I will have to do a lot of thinking over the summer on whether or not to continue in the fall.

Additionally, I have been picking up a fair share of side activities that have kept me awake until all hours of the night. I am on a kickball team that is awesomely excelling at heckling and pretty good at losing. Also, I am presenting at Ignite Boulder this week. Ignite is a 5 minute presentation backed by 20 slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds, its fun and witty, and I am going to give on in front of around 1,000 tomorrow night. If you live in Colorado you should buy tickets or if you happen to be further away watch it live online, both can be done here: http://igniteboulder.com.

Finally, I was in San Fransisco last week for the Google I/O conference. While there are so many stories to tell, I am going to make you all wait for the next post that will cover that entire trip in detail.

Hope you all enjoy the new look of the blog and look for the SF update soon!