Boston, no wait, Mexico!

9 years ago
19 January 2011

While watching the Golden Globes from my balcony only a few hundred feet from the Pacific Ocean, I thought if there was an award for most spastic traveler, I better be a nominee for it. Yes, I did say Pacific Ocean. With Boston buried in two feet of snow Wednesday night and me stuck in bed with the 24-hour stomach bug, I did what any other sane person would, change my trip less than 24 hours before it was supposed to start.

I first started with the typical places I look to travel too. Florida was too much. Seattle and Portland were supposed to be deluged with rain all weekend. San Francisco, LA, and others could not make the list because I am headed there later this year. Mexico… why not! So after a frantic call to Erin making sure this was alright, I booked 2 plane tickets and a hotel for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Saturday.

Saturday morning, way too early, we headed to the airport for our flight and before noontime we were at our resort on the beach. I used some of my points and status and got an amazing deal at the Marriott resort located on the marina. While it was a bit out of town, with how short the trip was going to be, it did not think it would make a bit of a difference.

After a bit of exploring around the hotel, we decided to take a cab ride into the city, which was an adventure in itself. I don’t think we got within 50km/h of the speed limit or stopped at any of the red lights. Either way were were at the Malecon (boardwalk) in no time at all. After spending the afternoon wandering up and down its entire length, we settled in with a bucket of beer on a picnic table on the beach to watch the sunset. It was beautiful and so peaceful.

After wandering back along the Malecon, I was finally able to notice some of the extra security that has been installed around the country because of the recent violence. Most of the city comes down the waterfront to watch the performers and fireworks along the waterfront on Saturday nights, and because of that, the Mexican military roams the crowds in a large force. However, after being in Israel only a few months after the Syrian war, it did not bug me and actually made me feel much safer.

The next day, and our only full day in the city, I spent my entire day on a beach chair near the ocean readingĀ The Hunger GamesĀ on my Nook. Nothing could be better or more relaxing that lying on the beach reading a good book, being served beers and pina coladas for the entire day. And I would pay for it with a lovely sunburn covering half my body. We also enjoyed the massive breakfast buffet that our hotel provided both that morning and the morning we left. I have never seen that many kinds of food and juices in my life before. That day was probably my least productive day in over five years, and was worth every minute of it.

After breakfast the following morning and a final walk on the beach, it was another crazy taxi ride off to the airport before heading back to Colorado. A little short for such an adventure, but nonetheless one of the most relaxing trips I have taken in a very long time. It also ended up being one of the most painful flights I have been on with my amazing sunburn. I promise, I even put sunscreen on.

It was my first time visiting Mexico beyond the border towns, and I plan on going back when the opportunity presents itself again. However, with the holiday weekend in January gone, I am already looking ahead to my adventure in February. And of course, being me, I still have not decided where I am going yet…