And We Have Liftoff!

8 years ago
19 June 2011

Image courtesy of NASA.

Earlier this week it seemed that everything was just not going my way. I was missing out on opportunities and my luck was just rotten – that all changed on Friday.

After getting home from the airport on Thursday night, I desperately began looking for a flight somewhere for this weekend, knowing well that I needed to get away for a weekend. After staying up till about 2am and reviewing all of my options I decided on Vancouver, British Columbia. At that point I decided to sleep on it and get at least some rest before work the next morning.

At work the next morning, I was getting some work done and looking to book my flights when a gmail notification popped up in the corner of the window. It was something from NASA. Flipping over to mail tab in Chrome, I had to contain myself from screaming and throwing my desk across the room. All I had to see was the subject on the e-mail, “STS-135 NASA Tweetup Confirmation”.

NASA tweetup is where NASA invites 150 active tweeps to spend two days at Cape Canaveral before a launch. The first day they spend touring the facility and meeting various NASA officials, while the second is spend watching the launch from the closest location, the famous clock. I had already been lucky enough to be placed on the wait-list from the over 5,500 people that applied, but still though I had no chance in actually getting to attend. Not only that, but this is the last space shuttle launch, which makes it just that little bit more extra special.

After 15 minutes of hyperventilating, calling family and friends and finally sitting back down in my chair I started the task of booking a last minute trip to Orlando, Florida for the launch! Afterwards it was onto adding the 149 other attendees to Twitter and joining the Facebook group to organizes hotels, cars and other important needs (like favourite caffeine type) and making friends with those I would experience this with.

It has been only 72 hours since I found out that I am attending this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and it still just starting to settle in.

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