And Two Months Later…

8 years ago
18 November 2011

I seem to have forgot about you guys over here on the blog! But it’s okay, I have an awesome excuse!

October was an extremley busy month for me with lots of trip and launching my new company on the 1st of November. I managed to make it to Salt Lake City twice during the month to see Utah football games and catch up with friends I missed.

Also, I managed to squeeze another long weekend trip in to see Erin up in Duluth, Minnesota. Each of them were a lot of fun, and it especially exciting getting to see the north shore of Lake Superior, somewhere I had yet to have traveled.

If this were a normal blog, I would now spend the next three pages telling you about what I did on those trips, but since there is a whole two months to talkabout, let’s move onto my company. After quitting my job back in July, I have been slowing working towards the launch of OpenSnow, which finally happened late at night early in the morning of the 1st of November. Not only did the launch happen on-time (and with only a few glitches), but we also threw an awesome launch party with our friends at Active Junky that raised around $600 for a charity, SOS Outreach.

Now with winter getting closer, and my job officially being about┬áskiing almost every day, I am excited to explore this new lifestyle for me. Right now looking at trying to even get over to the Sierra’s at some point to see some friends and get away on another vacation (and do important ski related research as well).

Also a side note, I recently relaunched my gallery/project web site, Lunarnoon. Hopefully over the coming months I will be adding more content and getting a chance to sell some of my photography at art shows. Stay tuned to see where that goes.

With that cluster of information, I leave you to your regularly scheduled Friday afternoon. I promise to be back sooner. x