A Hug Filled Weekend

8 years ago
3 June 2011

I never seem to travel much on holiday weekends during the summer, mostly because I have no interest dealing with the millions of people that decide to travel at the same time. This Memorial Day weekend was no different, even after going back and forth about traveling late into Friday evening. It also helped that this weekend is one of the busiest ones in Boulder with plenty of events and things to do.

Friday night started off fun with dinner at a dim sum restaurant, but turned even more exciting when we ran into some friends from the couch surfing meetup holding “Free Hugs” signs on the Pearl Street (the pedestrian mall). Not only did Erin and I decide to hug our friends, but we also picked up signs and joined them for about an hour hugging at least a hundred random strangers and getting a dozen or so photos taken of us (yay tourists!).

Saturday was another relaxing day, started off by not even crawling out of bed until almost noon. I spent most of the morning wandering around the enormous Creek Festival in Boulder. There were hundreds of vendors and plenty of free samples of everything from energy bars to milk to watermelon. We also decided to head out of Boulder to check out some of the sales at the mall and search for some more summery clothes, since the temperatures were finally getting warm enough for t-shirts and shorts. That night, Erin and I took an adventure up and over Flagstaff Mountain and into Golden for a bit of a change-up of our normal path on Pearl Street.

On Sunday it was time to head off on my first decent hike of the year with Erin as we headed up the Flatirons to Royal Arch. I have never done that hike in Boulder before and it was a pleasant surprise and a good starter for the year. It is about 3 or so miles, almost straight uphill the entire way, with a great view from the the top. Being Memorial Day weekend, the trail was a bit crowded (especially with people trying to do the climb in flip-flops and without water) but was not overly crowded. That night it was off to the couch surfing meetup that I have been attending as of late to talk traveling, politics and other random topics late into the night with random people from both Boulder and visiting around the world.

Finally Monday was the craziest day in the city with the Bolder Boulder being run around our house. While there were a lot of people out early to cheer on the runners, I decided to sleep in a bit more on my last day off. After dragging myself out of bed, Erin and I headed down to meet some friends to wander around the Creek Festival more grab some lunch. Then it was home to actually get some work done at the end of the weekend.

While it was not an super exciting weekend, nor did we travel anywhere. I finally got caught up on some sleep and got an amazing hike in to top off the weekend.