Travel Plans and NaNoWriMo

9 years ago
12 November 2010

A post not after I return from a trip, what blasphemy! And from the looks of it, there might be a few more of these. As of right now I don’t have another trip planned for a whole month, until I head off to Minneapolis in December.  However, even without all my traveling, I am attempting at best to keep myself busy.

For those that do not know, its currently National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  This is my 4th year I am participating, and I have not succeeded since 2006 (I blame university). NaNoWriMo is where you try to complete a 50,000 word novel in a single month, or in other words, write about 1,667 words a day. It takes a lot of focus, which is my downfall. So far this year, I am already about 5,000 words behind and were already 1/3 through the month. So if you see me before the end of November, yell at me to write! And if you want more information about NaNoWriMo check out their website at

The months of October and beginning of November were no shortage of spending quality time at airports. I ended up in Salt Lake City, Washington DC, and Phoenix all in a matter of four weeks.  However, with winter and holiday travel time, my travel greatly decreases. Mostly because I am cheap when it comes to traveling, and with the world trying to get ‘home’, airlines do a better job of ripping everyone off.  I still managed to score a dirt cheap fight to Minneapolis in mid-December (I know, snicker away) so Erin and I can do some crazy Mall of America shopping right before x-mas. Also, my spring travel is beginning to shape up a bit more.

As of right now, most of my spring trips are for work as I head off to various conferences around the country.  It’s looking like I am going to be ending up in Chicago (March) and San Francisco (March and May). Another trip I am sure you have heard me talking about is my adventure back to the UK after moving there fell through. This is the trip that I am having reservations about. Last time I had an underlying goal, a couple of amazing people that made the trip perfect, and a side of luck. This time almost feels like I am trying to force it on myself, and I can think of quite a few things I can do with $1000 and 40 hours of leave from work. Going to have to sleep on that one a bit more. Also, I am looking forward to taking another camping road trip in the spring. It has been almost a year since I traveled for thousands of miles with the music turned up and the windows down, and I miss that.

Its been five days since my last trip, and 25 minutes since my last coffee. Have a good day, and don’t forget to hug first, ask questions later.