Thunderstorms and Pointless Flights

9 years ago
22 April 2010

What a week it has been already, and it’s already Wednesday.  You gotta love when all the projects you have been working on over the past year all of a sudden end up with the same deadline dates.  Oh well, I guess time to work.  But first, a quick update from the world of weather and websites.

Today was the first “official” thunderstorm, and it was… fun?!  Sadly that picture is not from today, but rather from the first week of freshman year at university when I dragged some of my friends up to take photos on a mountain. They thought I was trying to kill them. Mostly I watched it roll up the valley and catch all the unsuspecting business people (and the occasionally homeless person) by suprise with lots of rain and some hail thrown in for good taste.  Sadly no good lightning to photograph from my office window tho.   Unfortunately, as quick as it came, it was gone and back to just the passing innocent rain cloud.

Besides the weather excitement at work today, I was also getting ready to head off to a conference tomorrow night.  Sadly, its nowhere cool, but rather Grand Junction, Colorado – a 7.5 hour drive from SLC.  However, since my work decided that driving that long for a 6-hour meeting was a waste of time, they decided to fly me there.

I was given two choices, waste three days there so I could take direct flights both ways (aka fly out Thursday morning and back Saturday morning) or be there just for the meeting by take the most pointless flights.  Choosing the latter, I ended up with the following schedule:

Fly out of SLC late tomorrow night, fly over Grand Junction to Denver, change planes in Denver and fly back to GJ. Go to sleep in the hotel. Wake up, give my talk, then get on another flight going the wrong direction back to Denver, and then fly back to SLC late Friday night.

Um, okay?!

At least I love airports!

Should be an adventure anyway! So if anyone happens to be in Grand Junction or bored in the Denver airport in the next two days, lets have coffee!

Also, stayed up entirely too late tonight working on my new video. Which is only coming out two months late. But shh… nobody will notice.