Oh, Grand Junction!

9 years ago
26 April 2010

Oh 23 hour and 5 minute work trips, how you keep life from getting too slow and boring!

I know, I am back at it again! Another quick little trip for work that turned into a grand adventure without even trying.  This time it was trying to get to a city only a 6-hour drive from home, for a 6-hour meeting, on a Friday morning.  While driving would have made the most sense my work wanted me to waste ‘less time’ by flying there…. via Denver… which involves flying OVER Grand Junction. Oh well…

Now one would think flying in the spring would be a safe bet; severe weather season is just starting and winter storms are over, I mean.. it is the last week of April.  But, only because I was flying there, Denver just happened to have severe weather AND winter weather that day.  You know its going to be a long day when there is a Tornado Warning out for DIA (Denver’s airport) before I even was getting ready for my own flight.

Long story short, by the time I got to the airport at 6.00PM on Thursday evening, my flight was 2 hours delayed.  So my boss (who was tagging along) and I headed on over to the airport bar to pass the time, what better to do!  After some discussion about sports, a few beers, and a wtf to the Broncos picking Tim Tebow.  We decided to head back to the gate to see what was going on and if there was any chance to make our connection in Denver.

Always kill people with kindness my mother said, and apparently she was right.

After simply asking if I was going to make my flight, the lady quickly ended up re-ticketing me on the direct flight that left in 30 minutes, on a different airline. Um… okay! It never hurts to smile and ask!

My flight landed at 9.05PM and I did not realize until the next morning my original flight would not land until after 1.00AM, 4+ hours later.

The meeting was surprising the lull of the entire trip, minus getting to meet 30 amazing people that help operate the upper Colorado River. And the endless supply of food and coffee that kept me going all day!

Before I even knew it, and a short 18 hours later (7 of which were spent sleeping, 2 in my amazing hotel suite, 1 in the lobby watching tv and eating more yummy food, and the rest actually working), I headed back to the tiny airport.

I am usually a person for large airports with thousands of people, huge planes, and lots to do.  But small airports have their advantages.  Like when I showed up at the Grand Junction airport on Friday 20 minutes before a flight, got on the stand-by list, got called to get my seat assignment before I got through security, and boarded… all in 10 minutes. 2 for 2 on standbys now.

So I was off to Denver, in a loud, vibrating, tiny turboprop (propeller) airplane. And into the snowstorm that decided that the 24th of April was never to late to add another foot of snow. But of course, being the meteorologist and all, I knew this was going to happen!

Landing in Denver, I raced to catch the next available flight headed towards SLC. While getting stuck in Denver would not be too bad, the last thing I wanted to do was have to sit around there for 6 hours waiting for my original flight.  Thankfully I caught the next earlier flight out of Denver and ended up touching down at 8.00PM instead of the middle of my Friday night.

I even made my soccer games on Friday night! (which we both lost…)

When I got home, my night was made when I discovered that my original flight had been delayed so much that I either would have been caught in Grand Junction or Denver’s airport on my Friday night.

Apparently I should have just flown to Vegas with my luck.

Now, back stuck at work I am thinking I need a vacation! Where to go to now….?