I Now Pronounce You Hot and Sweaty

9 years ago
18 October 2010

After dozens of weddings and receptions I have attended, helped along with the fact that I lived in Utah the past 5 years, I finally attended a family wedding.  My cousin Colleen was married this past weekend in Phoenix Arizona.  It was a lovely ceremony, minus the fact for those of us used to cooler climates, it was a lovely 95 degrees that day.  The locals had nothing to complain about as this was ‘cooling down’ for them.

For the quick 36 hour trip we had just enough time to land, attending the wedding, deal with the crappiest Marriott I have ever stayed in, sleep (somewhat), and hang out at the family house and pool before heading back to the airport.  Overall, a lovely short weekend melting in the southwest, and another trip in the book!